Microsoft Hardware Intellectual Property Licensing Programme

Microsoft IP Licensing

Microsoft offers flexible intellectual property (IP) licensing programmes for our growing technology portfolio to licensees within the consumer electronics industry

Since Microsoft launched its Hardware Technology Intellectual Property Licensing programme focused on Retail brands, OEMs and Contract Manufacturers, Microsoft technologies can be seen in a variety of third party PC peripheral products. Microsoft in cooperation with our industry licensees, emphasise innovation, while respecting intellectual property.

Microsoft encourages shared success by opening revenue generating opportunities for Microsoft partners and licensees

  • Access to the latest innovations
  • Product Development cost savings
  • On-line Manufacturer’s marketplace
  • Provides OEM customers/retail brands a choice of features and suppliers
  • Minimises risk

Microsoft offers an on-line manufacturer's marketplace enabling licensed suppliers to connect with retail brand and OEM customers

The Manufacturer’s Marketplace is a destination site for global retail brands and OEMs looking for licensed suppliers of Microsoft Hardware technologies.