The ultimate Windows 8 experience

Microsoft Hardware: Designed by Microsoft. Optimised for Windows.

Perfect your Windows 8 experience with Microsoft Hardware – a family of products that work and play beautifully together. Whether you’re on your desktop, laptop or tablet, not only can you enjoy browsing the web, reading email, or watching videos, but you can also write emails, create documents and spreadsheets and generate all types of content you’ve come to expect when using a Windows PC. Microsoft Hardware products are designed by Microsoft, optimised for Windows, giving you specific features built for Windows 8 – including Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts and mice with horizontal touch scrolling.

Have questions about how your current mouse or keyboard works with Windows 8?

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Wired Desktop 600Wired Desktop 600

Part number: APB-00018



Wired Keyboard 600Wired Keyboard 600

Part number: ANB-00025