On the go? Choose Bluetooth®

Leave the cumbersome wires and dongles behind

Microsoft Bluetooth® mice and keyboards help you be more productive. Not only do you get wireless convenience without any dongles or transceivers to lose (or cables to pack up or trip over), you get products that are designed to enhance your Windows experience.

Most computers are now compatible with Bluetooth. Just check for the Bluetooth logo on your PC or tablet, and then choose among the following accessories.

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Wedge Touch MouseWedge Touch Mouse

Part #: 3LR-00004



Sculpt Touch MouseSculpt Touch Mouse

Part #: 6PL-00003



Sculpt Comfort MouseSculpt Comfort Mouse

Part #: H3S-00003



Wedge Mobile KeyboardWedge Mobile Keyboard

Part #: U6R-00001



Sculpt Mobile KeyboardSculpt Mobile Keyboard

Part #: T9T-00001