About BlueTrack Technology

These mice will track on everything from a granite countertop to the carpet in an airport terminal.

Love your laptop computer but hate using the trackpad when you are out of range of a traditional desk? Now, you can use a mouse on more surfaces than ever before, with Microsoft BlueTrack Technology.1

Image of the underside of a bluetrack mouse, showing the blue light sensor

Exciting, exceptional accuracy

Use a mouse with BlueTrack Technology that outperforms laser and optical mice. The large, blue beam combined with an image sensor and pixel geometry designed by Microsoft, generates a high-contrast picture of the surface that allows exceptional tracking accuracy.

Image showing three surfaces, carpet, stone, and wood

Track on just about anything

Navigate your computer by using a BlueTrack Technology mouse on a picnic table, your living room floor, the armrest of a lobby chair, or even your pant leg. With BlueTrack Technology, you can use the mouse on almost any type of surface.

An image showing blue light emitting from underneath a mouse

Stronger sensitivity

See that blue light coming from under the mouse? The BlueTrack Technology light beam is more than four times larger than the average laser beam used in other laser mice, so you can point, click, and scroll with precision, no matter where you are.

1 BlueTrack Technology does not work on clear glass or mirrored surfaces.

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