LifeCams and Skype

Skype in style with a Microsoft LifeCam.

Whether you’re video chatting with friends or family, use a Microsoft LifeCam webcam to get the most out of Skype *. Get outstanding sharpness and image quality with hi-def LifeCam models.

Microsoft LifeCam webcams make it easy share your life with the people you care about. You can use Photo Gallery to edit, tag, and share photos with the people on your call. Movie Maker makes it easy to create and share widescreen videos online.

Image of a phone next to a globe

Free PC-to-PC calls

Call your Skype contacts anywhere in the world for free using a Microsoft LifeCam webcam and a broadband Internet connection.

Image of overlapping blank photographs

Brilliant picture quality

Edit, tag, and share photos in dazzling HD quality with the people on your calls by using Photo Gallery and a Microsoft HD LifeCam webcam.

Image of the Truecolor logo

Enhanced color for all lighting conditions

Put your best self on camera, even in low-light conditions, with Microsoft TrueColor Technology. The picture quality automatically adjusts to provide a more colorful video—whether you’re in bright sunshine or low light.

* Skype works best with Skype-certified LifeCams

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