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Microsoft in Health


Monitoring the blood sugar through their tears as opposed to having to prick their fingers six to eight times per day, that’s really cool.

Kevin McFeely, Living with Type 1 DiabetesGo

Get active with games for health

​Understand how the customer and clinical worlds overlap with exergaming that promotes tone, balance, coordination and physical fitness.

Always on, always connected

​Keep up to date with the latest innovations from Microsoft research. Understand how these smart devices can enable better care.

The next generation of machine learning

​Learn how high performance computing and cloud services are now able to provide complex decision support and diagnostic capabilities.

Smart Devices

​Devices are becoming smarter and more connected. Even household appliances come equipped with internet connectivity -  a phenomenon called 'The internet of things'. This is especially relevant for health devices, that collect and consume data which is important to make care decisions. Find out how Microsoft research is inventing the future of healthcare with smart devices.

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