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Get the most out of your EMR investment

Having an electronic medical records (EMR) system is just the beginning. Now you need to bridge the gap between your EMR and other systems. Microsoft solutions help you:

  • Make it easier for people to connect with information using their PCs, tablets, phones, or browsers
  • Provide business intelligence to meet data requirements and help improve clinical quality, efficiency, and financial performance
  • Help patients stay involved in their own healthcare
  • Support your EMR system with an infrastructure that is reliable, cost-effective, and flexible

Provider Collaboration and Productivity

​Make it easier for people to connect with EMR information in real time using their PCs, tablets, phones, or browsers. Whether reviewing patients’ test results from their mobile devices, sharing real-time updates on a patient’s condition with a care team member via a security-enhanced portal, or conducting an online consultation, Microsoft technologies can help your staff productively use EMR data to improve quality and efficiency. At the same time, powerful security features help give you vital control over user access and help safeguard health and organizational data.

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Business Intelligence

​Using Microsoft BI solutions in conjunction with your EMR and other systems can help you:

  • Integrate clinical data across the care continuum—within and outside your organization—for a more complete view of clinical quality and care activities.
  • Consolidate financial, operational, and clinical data from disparate systems across your organization to provide your staff with a single, enterprise-wide view that helps them measure and manage quality and efficiency.
  • Enable self-service BI and provide staff with real-time or near real-time connected, relevant information that can help them identify trends early and take action to address quality or cost issues sooner rather than later.

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Patient Engagement

​We can provide a wide variety of tools to help you better engage with your patients. Using these solutions in concert with your EMR system can help you:

  • Provide patients with convenient, security-enhanced access to their medical records, lab results, and more so they can stay informed about their health.
  • Deliver tailored outreach to promote relevant health and wellness services and educational offerings.
  • Allow patients to consolidate their health information—including daily blood pressure or blood glucose readings, and prescriptions—into one easily accessible account they can share with health professionals.

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EMR Infrastructure and Optimization

​Getting the most out of an EMR system means supporting it with an infrastructure that is reliable, cost-effective, and flexible enough to accommodate the data, organizational, and user requirements providers have—today and tomorrow. Microsoft supports the ability for you to choose among private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid approaches based on your needs. With Microsoft Flexible Workstyle offerings, you can support your people in the ways they want to work, giving them access to EMR information from virtually any device. And, since it is critical to protect patient data, Microsoft Security and Compliance offerings help you manage risk while at the same time simplifying and streamlining security-enhanced access to your EMR and other systems.

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