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Connected Health Framework

Connected Health Framework

A collection of vendor-agnostic best practices and guidelines for building service- and standards-based, interoperable e-Health solutions.

​The Connected Health Framework Architecture and Design Blueprint highlights a series of best practices for service-oriented health information and collaboration architecture. It also enables the development of an ecosystem of solutions based on the guidelines.

This is part of a large collection of technology offerings aligned with the Microsoft Connected Health Platform to help you optimize information and communication technology infrastructures for health organizations.

The Connected Health Framework was originally conceived to consolidate guidance on designing and building patient-centric health and social care systems.

Since its inception, the Connected Health Framework has been widely used around the world. Modifications to the architecture and design blueprint have been made to address the needs of both health and social care systems in the understanding that caring for people involves numerous interactions, organizations, and communities and that healthcare organizations must connect to a variety of sources including care providers, care professionals, funders of care services, and patients and families.

Easily used with your existing technology platform

What makes this architecture and design blueprint unique is that it is presented in a platform-agnostic way based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA). We believe that this is an essential approach because most healthcare systems use hardware and software platforms acquired from multiple vendors over a long period of time. Since wholesale platform change is not an option for most healthcare providers, interoperability and integration of these systems is vital to the improvement of patient care.

The Connected Health Platform Architecture and Design Blueprint was designed for architecting e-Health solutions for health information networks ranging from within health organizations to across multiple government agencies.

The Microsoft Connected Health Framework solutions are:

  • Integrated
  • Security-enhanced
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Supportive of the full continuum of care to meet the needs of patients, health professionals, and organizations

Many organizations work with Microsoft to deploy the Microsoft Connected Health Platform, which is based on the extensible and agile principles of the Microsoft Connected Health Framework and provides offerings for optimizing health ICT infrastructures.

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