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Microsoft in Health

Connected Health Platform

These tools, solution accelerators, and prescriptive architecture, design, and deployment guidance are designed to help you optimize your e-Health solutions using the principles of our Connected Health Framework Architecture and Design Blueprint.

SharePoint for Worldwide Health and Beyond

This 40 minute video showcases SharePoint 2007 Solution Accelerators and guidance aimed at helping healthcare organanizations address common business challenges.


Collaboration Fundamentals Solution Accelerator

This solution accelerator provides on-demand collaborative workspaces, discussion forums and a people directory. It includes guidance explaining how to customize the solution to a healthcare organization’s needs.


Collaboration Strategy Guidance

This guidance helps healthcare organizations select the right collaboration technology from Microsoft Office Groove 2007, SharePoint Server 2007 and Communications Server 2007. It describes the features and relative strengths of each of the products.


Managing Meetings Solution Accelerator

This solution accelerator aims to reduce efforts by providing shared workspaces where meeting attendees or committee members can share agendas, papers, presentations and actions, and a Meeting Center providing an overview of scheduled meetings.


Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Information Architecture

This guidance helps healthcare organizations apply a chosen information architecture within a 2007 Office system environment. It describes how to plan and design an information architecture and instructions showing how to configure SharePoint Server 2007


Scorecards Solution Accelerator

This solution accelerator acts as a template for configuring a dashboard to track organizational metrics and needs. It includes guidance on how to customize a dashboard and contains four dashboard examples.


Enterprise Search

This guidance helps healthcare organizations to configure SharePoint Server Enterprise Search and provides guides that describe how to plan and design an Enterprise Search solution, and step-by-step instructions showing how to configure SharePoint Server.


Policies and Procedures Solution Accelerator

This guidance provides information on the Solution Accelerator for Policies and Procedures and how it assists healthcare organizations who find it difficult to create, maintain, and publish and easily access policy guideline information.


Offline Working Strategy

This provides a comparison of the technologies that enable SharePoint Server 2007 collaboration workspaces to be taken offline, and assist organizations to progress to the next level of the Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization (BPIO) Model.


Electronic Forms Resource Kit

This kit assists healthcare organizations who use multiple paper forms which are difficult to find, prone to getting lost and are expensive to store and retain, by providing a User Information Web Service, template parts, sample forms and supporting tools


Template Gallery Solution Accelerator

This guide assists in creating a Template Gallery site as part of an intranet portal, or as a stand-alone Web site. Users can publish, discover, rate and request electronic assets such as Office Groove templates, electronic forms and spreadsheets.