Connected Health Platform

Offline Working Strategy

This document aims to provide a comparison of the technologies that enable Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 collaborative workspaces to be taken offline.

This Offline Working Strategy document will assist healthcare organizations to progress to the next level of the Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization (BPIO) Model, moving from the 'Standardized' level to the 'Rationalized' level.

Included in this document are three example usage scenarios that illustrate how the technologies can enable:

  • A Junior Doctor to find, share and backup all of his clinical research notes, presentations and papers, whether working online or offline
  • A Procurement Manager to track the supply of goods and services within a healthcare organization, whether working in the office or at home
  • A Community Nurse to record her activities whilst visiting patients in their homes and allow this information to be stored in a central secure location

Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides a central location for users to collaborate and share information through a browser interface. Whilst for most knowledge workers, this model of collaboration represents a great step forward, for mobile workers it can seem a backwards step from the freedom provided by e-mail.

  • Offline Working Strategy Guide

    This guidance provides an introduction to the Microsoft products that enable offline working, a comparison of the offline working features, guidelines on when to use each product, and