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11 June 2014 | Sam Robinson, National Director, U.S. Health Plan Industry, Health and Life Sciences

Population health management is increasingly grabbing headlines and mindshare among employers, providers, and health plans. Everyone is looking for ways to keep the people they serve healthier to improve their quality of life and rein in healthcare costs. To do so, they need to provide the best possible care management.

That means health professionals need to be able to access all the relevant information about a person under care when and where it’s needed. For example, when care managers visit someone at home, they need to be able to look up that person’s up-to-date medical history, care assessment, caregiver team notes and contact information, and more, on the fly. That way, they can make informed decisions and coordinate care and services in a timely manner for the best outcome.

What we hear from health professionals is that they want to be able to do all this on one device that provides them with both mobile and desktop capabilities. During an in-person visit, they need the touch and pen features that make mobile devices more interview-friendly. With a tablet, they can interact more naturally with an individual during an assessment by tapping the screen to fill out forms—rather than being facedown over a laptop. And they can easily capture electronic signatures. But when health professionals need to do more robust research or care coordination, they need to be able to use a keyboard and mouse and the full functionality of desktop applications.

Windows 8 devices such as the Surface Pro 3 can be used as a tablet, or with a keyboard, and can run full versions of Windows applications (not just mobile apps). And TruCare Mobile™ for Microsoft Windows 8® is a prime example of a solution that takes advantage of these capabilities to provide the best of both worlds—mobile and desktop.

The latest offering from Casenet, LLC, a leading provider of extensible care management solutions, TruCare Mobile responds equally well to touch as it does to keyboard and mouse. And it provides real-time integration and data exchange to the TruCare enterprise care management platform. 

These are among the reasons that Centene Corporation, which provides managed care and specialty healthcare services in the US, is using TruCare Mobile. “Our care managers need the flexibility to engage our membership regardless of location,” said Kara House, Vice President of Medical Management Systems and Quality, Centene Corporation. “By leveraging this innovative technology, we are able to thoroughly and conveniently assess our members, improving the care that we deliver and our members’ overall experience.”

You can learn more about TruCare Mobile in the recent press release from Casenet. Even better, you can check it out live and in person at America’s Health Insurance Plans Institute 2014. The conference is going on June 11–13 in Seattle, Washington. Stop by to visit Casenet in booth 818.

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Sam Robinson
National Director, U.S. Health Plan Industry, Health and Life Sciences

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