Bringing your fitness data together

03 June 2014 | Nathan Reno, Sr. Business Development, HealthVault

Do you track your steps with a wristband or clip-on? Weigh yourself on a scale? Maybe you’re thinking about getting one of the new smart watches that can track your blood pressure, heart rate, and more. Whether you’re working on your fitness, monitoring your wellness, or managing a chronic condition such as diabetes, you’re probably tracking more and more data about your health. And typically, each device you use comes from a different manufacturer and uses a dedicated service for monitoring, tracking, and reporting on your data.

Wouldn’t it be great if all that data went to one central location? You’d have one place to put it all together. One password to remember. But more importantly, you could start to see how different measures relate to each other. For example, how your diet and exercise affect your weight.

HealthVault is designed to bring data together, so you can create a more complete picture of your health, with you at the center. And in addition to the wearable trackers that are getting lots of media attention these days, HealthVault helps you track your medications, doctor visits, and even lab reports and hospital visit summaries.

Whether you're exercising to stay fit or focused on a medical condition, having your data in one location will help you keep on top of it all.

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Nathan Reno
Sr. Business Development, HealthVault