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Discover features of the new Office.

Discover features of the new Office.

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Take free trainings and webinars.

Take free trainings and webinars.

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Provide secure, cost-effective, and familiar tools that can be accessed from anywhere your patients are.

Announcing the new Office for Health

Health organisations are under pressure to provide more effective, efficient, and safer care to patients in a more rapid pace than ever before. The new Office securely connects health professionals to the tools they need to better collaborate and deliver care. It’s personalised, cloud-connected, and more powerful than ever. The new Office for health can be wherever your patients are.

Step 1: Get started

Learn about the benefits of integrating communications, collaboration, and productivity tools in your health organization through a free 30-day trial.

While you are trying the new Office, you can determine what version is right for your organisation. The cloud is a major part of the new Office, but you can get there at your own pace. You can use everything in the cloud, host it in your own data centre, or use a combination of both.

Watch this video to see how the new Office can improve efficiency.

Step 2: Get ready

The new Office can benefit health professionals in a variety of ways, including:

  • Access patient information from virtually anywhere*
  • Works on multiple devices and browsers
  • Helps improve care team collaboration and administration
  • Designed to help meet health requirements and compliance
  • Choose from flexible deployment options
  • Enabling breakthrough insights with new visualization features in Excel
  • Improving access to telehealth services
  • More

*See office.com/information for compatible devices.  Some functionality requires WiFi, internet connection or mobile data plan (fees may apply).

Step 3: Get trained

Get the most out of the new Office: