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Documents & Downloads

  • Collaborative science whitepaper

    Reference architecture for enabling science based on the Connected Life Science Framework.

  • Microsoft Connected Health Framework summary whitepaper

    This white paper discusses the Connected Health Framework Architecture and Design Blueprint and the recommendations based on an analysis of e-Health requirements with guidance on the technology to help fulfill those requirements in an effective manner.

  • Improving efficiency in healthcare

    This whitepaper discusses how healthcare providers are realising efficiency gains through the use of technology that liberates data, improves collaboration, and provides a connected approach to patient care.

  • Healthcare terminology

    This paper is written for technologists as a level 100-200 introduction focussing on SNOMED healthcare terminology and how Microsoft is able to enhance usage of terminologies via the expertise of the Microsoft partner, Health Language, Inc.

  • Answering the health ICT challenge: An optimised infrastructure

    As the guardian of health data, ICT departments need to build technology foundations that enable better, more efficient care; workforce mobility; and new delivery models that empower individuals to manage their own health.