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  • Health Tech Today: text4baby

    The U.S. has one of the highest infant mortality rates among industrialized countries. Text4baby supports underserved mothers with free text messages about pre-natal and infant care.

  • Health Tech Today: System for savings

    Philips Healthcare tools collect data at the point of care and share it quickly and efficiently. Both patient and hospital savings are measurable and better health care is the result.

  • Health Tech Today: Patient-friendly apps

    Patients want information but hospital staff are often too busy to answer questions. Microsoft researchers are developing new ways to deliver real-time, patient-friendly information.

  • Health Tech Today: Patient power

    Group Health is widely recognized as a world leader in eHealth. Matt Handley, physician and CTO, shares how patient feedback guides how they deliver electronic healthcare.

  • Health Tech Today: Patient first

    New York Presbyterian recently launched a patient-centered portal, myNYP.org. CIO Aurelia Boyer talks about this totally connected network of patents, community, and health care professionals.

  • Health Tech Today: Paperless healthcare

    Dr. Yuji Yamanobe, CIO of one of Japan’s most technological hospitals, uses Microsoft Unified Communications to foster collaboration and communication among the staff.

  • Health Tech Today: Painless scheduling

    Why is scheduling a doctor’s appointment such a hassle? Online ZocDoc helps you find a doctor near home, read reviews, check insurance, and schedule an appointment…all in under an hour.

  • Health Tech Today: Obama's health website

    Todd Park, CTO of U.S. Health and Human Services, talks about the new consumer-friendly website, healthcare.gov, offering side-by-side comparisons of health insurance plans.

  • Health Tech Today: Near-Death Lessons

    Dr. Michael Buist experienced two near-death experiences due to medical errors. He went on to invent Patientrak, significantly improving the timeliness of doctors attending patients.

  • Health Tech Today: Mobilife

    Imagination and innovation unite as students compete to bring new technological solutions to global problems. We look at a mobile screening tool that helps prevent child mortality.

  • Health Tech Today: High Tech House Calls

    At-home wound care providing a yearly savings of $72,000 per patient.

  • Health Tech Today: Healthy Crusader

    See how this real-life knight is leading the crusade for patient empowerment. Sir Muir Gray discusses his vision for the future of healthcare and why technology plays such a pivotal role.

  • Health Tech Today: Healthcare with a smile

    Hear how CEO Dr. Patty Gabow took lessons from blue chip brands such as Ritz-Carlton to transform Denver's largest public health system; saving money and jobs and satisfying patients.

  • Health Tech Today: Glimpse of the Future

    Microsoft Research labs nurture the ideas that become tomorrow’s technology. Learn about the future of healthcare, today.

  • Health Tech Today: Gaming to Save Lives

    Medical simulation may look like play, but the results are seriously impressive with Banner Health's innovative solutions based on gaming technology.

  • Health Tech Today: Gaming Lessons

    Jump over junk food and gobble up healthy treats to give you more energy to win. Fast-paced video games are the latest teaching tool, helping children learn healthy life lessons.

  • Health Tech Today: Future Prescriptions

    Jeff Goldsmith, a leading healthcare futurist, shares insights on service delivery, communication, and collaboration in the health industry and how IT can help remedy industry shortcomings.

  • Health Tech Today: Fast Search

    Doctors rely on relevant and accurate information to deliver the best patient care. The CTO of NHS Evidence, Andrew Fenton, makes the case for a new medical search engine.

  • Health Tech Today: EMR Made Easy

    Learn how gloStream has 100% customer satisfaction with their EMR solution.

  • Health Tech Today: Digital workflow

    Health Postbox Express shows how you can use cloud computing to get your workflow online in as little as a week, for less than you might think.

  • Meriter Health Services

    Meriter Health Services deploys BI solution and saves more than $1 million yearly

  • Health Tech Today: Seeing "Hello"

    See how this organization is serving the deaf community in Australia using Microsoft Lync for face-to-face communication and collaboration.

  • Health Tech Today: First on the Scene

    Cairo has some of the worst traffic in the world. Find out how the Egyptian Ambulance Organization has reduced their response time from over an hour to less than 8 minutes.

  • Health Tech Today: Managing Diabetes

    How can diabetes be managed and debilitating complications avoided? What if young people were given digital tools to help manage their conditions?

  • Health Tech Today: Telemedicine for all

    Find out how doctors and specialists are easily collaborating online, even reviewing high fidelity images, to support patients in rural areas.

  • Health Tech Today: Buon Giorno Cloud!

    Located in Vatican City, this 130 year-old pediatric hospital has moved to the cloud for its email system improving

  • HIV Research: The Human Face of HIV

    Meet Purity, a South African woman who knows, first-hand, the physical, mental, and emotional pain that HIV inflicts on those infected with the virus. She is undergoing treatment, but naturally hopes that a cure for HIV will be found in her lifetime.

  • Real impact in health

    How can we enable better care for more people? How can technology help save peoples lives? Find out how Microsoft technologies are making a real impact in health around the world.

  • Health Tech Today: Streamlining Hospitals

    Find out how new software is helping hospital-based physicians be more efficient and provide better, more seamless care.

  • Health Tech Today: Peace of mind

    Company CEO Chris Otto demonstrates MyHalo, offering around-the-clock vital sign and activity monitoring using body sensor technology combined with the Internet.

  • Health and human services explained

    Learn more about coordinating care and integrating systems to put your citizens at the center of your efforts.

  • Managing devices in health IT

    More and more health professionals are using personal computers, smartphones, and tablets at work. How can a health CIO ensure security for patient data while enhancing productivity?

  • Health Tech Today: Technology transformed

    Dr. Kim Pittenger, Medical Director of Virgina Mason Medical Center clinic in Kirkland, WA shows how lessons from Toyota's efficient production line are transforming patient experience.

  • Health Tech Today: Improving the Health of Rio

    In just six months, one million people have digitized health records thanks to a cloud-based solution. We travel to Rio de Janeiro to see the benefits to public health.

  • Real impact for a better tomorrow

    Watch how Microsoft and our partners work with governments, organisations, and citizens to help them fully harness the power of cloud computing with flexible solutions, programs, and partnerships to meet local needs.