Microsoft Health Users Group 2013 Innovation Awards Recognizes Health Organizations for Revolutionary Use of IT to Improve Care Coordination and Patient Outcomes

04 March 2013 | Steve Aylward, General manager, US Health & Life Sciences Solutions & Strategy, Microsoft
​Year after year, the Microsoft Health Users Group (Microsoft HUG) acknowledges innovative health organizations and their technology solution partners who utilize Microsoft-based technology to advance patient care, reduce costs and streamline clinical and business processes in the communities in which we all live. Today, we are honored to highlight the achievements of the 16th annual Microsoft HUG Innovation Awards winners at the 2013 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition.
The following are the five recipients of the 2013 Microsoft HUG Innovation Awards, in no particular order:
  • Innovation in Patient Engagement category: PatientPoint® and Miami Children’s Hospital® – Miami Children’s Hospital implemented the PatientPoint Care Coordination Platform, which was built on Microsoft SQL Server, .Net, and integrates with additional Microsoft solutions including SharePoint, to create over 40 check-in points across the hospital. By aggregating data from EMRs, health plans and patient self-reported information, the platform is able to identify and reconcile gaps in patient care. The PatientPoint Care Coordination Platform leverages innovative patient engagement tactics, including IVR, secure messaging, mobile applications and tablet based check-in. The platform also automates the pre-care outreach to noncompliant patients on behalf of the physician, streamlines clinical process at the point of care and facilitates patient adherence to required medications and compliance to care plans post-care. The platform allowed Miami Children’s Hospital to empower patients to take a more active role in their healthcare, increase the utilization of EMR, establish strong physician-patient relationships and improve medication adherence and compliance. Furthermore, Miami Children's Hospital increased revenues, reduced care management costs, and gained clinical and administrative efficiencies through use of the PatientPoint Care Coordination Platform.
  • Innovation in Electronic Medical Record Optimization category: Predixion Software and Kaiser PermanentePredixion Readmission Insight™ is a preventable readmission healthcare solution designed in collaboration with provider organizations and built on Predixion’s predictive analytics platform that is fully integrated with Microsoft BI capabilities. Kaiser leverages Predixion Readmission Insight identifies patients at risk of readmission before they leave the hospital and allows for more tailored care to ensure a more successful outcome. By examining the historic readmission patterns specific to each medical facility, this solution allows practitioners to identify currently admitted patients that are at an elevated risk of readmission. Predixion models have accurately predicted up to 86 percent of readmissions, resulting in better and faster decision making, improved patient outcomes, and reduced healthcare costs and readmission penalties.
  • Innovation in Infrastructure Optimization category: British Telecom Global Services and Methodist Healthcare - San Antonio – Methodist Healthcare – San Antonio leverages the Nursing Performance Dashboard, designed to provide near real-time performance metrics to all levels of the nursing staff to improve overall patient care, along with Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL-Server 2008 Standard R2, SharePoint2010 Enterprise (dashboard), SharePoint2010 Standard (portal), Windows XP and Windows 7. As a result of implementing these solutions, Methodist Healthcare found that the ability to see real-time data in a central location enables management to make faster decisions based off of results.
  • Innovation in Flexible Mobile Workstyle Solutions category: TeleSkin and ORS Hospital – The skinScan solution is a skin cancer screening and monitoring system consisting of Windows Mobile, a live doctor interface that enables doctors to identify risks of moles, and a backend to track and synchronize medical data and records via Microsoft HealthVault. This platform enables dermatologists to review patient cases on their mobile devices, alongside key treatment standards from the International Demoscopy Society to aid with diagnoses. Patient data and analyses are synchronized to Microsoft HealthVault, where doctors’ analyses can be tracked over time – it is one of the first dermatological standards in HealthVault. SkinScan provides hospitals an integrated tool that can reduce backlog and contribute to increased revenues and increased patient satisfaction. ORS Hospital found that implementing skinScan saves time, decreases low-value visits, generates leads for doctors and improves public health as a self-help tool for early skin cancer and melanoma detection.
  • Open Innovation category: Welfare Denmark ApS and Esbjerg Kommune – Physical rehabilitation patients of Welfare Denmark are being treated online through the Citizen Care Administration (CCA) virtual rehabilitation module using Microsoft Kinect, which makes it possible to treat patients remotely. The platform also allows physicians to see whether patients have completed their rehabilitation exercises, as well as upload other relevant information to the system, further enhancing the platform’s value to patients and physicians. In a case study of a 73-year-old utilizing CCA virtual rehab, as opposed to visiting a physical rehabilitation center in person post-operation, the reduced cost over a 3 -month period was approximately $2,500. The program is now being adopted across the entire Esbjerg municipality.
If your health organization has achieved similar improvements in patient care, or helped improve consumer health with the use of Microsoft’s technology, please share it with our Microsoft HUG community of 9,000 members. You can also to join Microsoft HUG.
We would like to also give a special thanks to each of this year’s judges: Josh Fisher, Founder and Managing Partner at PresPoint Capital, Ahmad Hashem, MD, PhD, Board Member, Global Affairs, Boston Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., Charlene Marietti, Executive Director of Editorial Initiatives at The Vendome Group, LLC, Scott Lundstrom, Group Vice President, IDC Health Insights, Doris Nessim, B.Sc.Phm., R.Ph., M.A. Healthcare, Pharmacy and Patient Safety Advisor, GS1 Canada, Benjamin Rooks, Principal at ST Advisors, LLC, Jay Srini, Chief Strategist at SCS Ventures and Adjunct Faculty Asst Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Andrew Ury, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Aucolla, LLC. and Sean Wieland, Research Analyst, Piper Jaffray.
Steve Aylward
General manager, US Health & Life Sciences Solutions & Strategy, Microsoft