Make the most of Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Free Templates for Creating Customized Healthcare Portals

01 November 2011 | Shawn Remacle, Director of US Provider Solutions, Microsoft

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 has long been successfully deployed in a variety of different industries, providing organizations with a powerful way to share information, manage documents, facilitate workflows and enable business intelligence.

But what about the complex healthcare ecosystem? With data and files siloed in various places across an organization, healthcare companies can often be inhibited from the critical data sharing that enables faster decision-making. In fact, most organizations are struggling to get their multi-disciplinary teams to communicate and work together because, up until now, many of them have had to function as heroic soloists.

But fortunately, as demonstrated by companies like Upper Chesapeake Health and St. Joseph Health System, healthcare organizations can provide easy to use tools that connect them to the people, insights, and care processes they need to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. And now with health reform initiatives like Value Based Purchasing pushing organizations towards improving quality outcomes, there is no better time to enable real time collaboration and data sharing to improve performance.
Hopefully your organization is considering Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as a health portal or has already begun a deployment. To aid you in that effort, Microsoft partners are making available 26 partner-developed templates for free to SharePoint customers. Examples of how these free templates can help your organization include managing policies and procedures, facilitating the training of employees and tracking compliance issues.

These free templates illustrate just how easy it is to use SharePoint to create applications tailored to your organization’s individual needs. Thanks to our partners they can be used as-is (with no need to build anything) or as a potential starting point to develop larger and more robust applications. Just like SharePoint composites, the free healthcare templates allow you to create collaborative business and clinical solutions for healthcare workflow, human resources, operations, management and finance, project tracking and information management.
We’re working with our partners and customers to expand our templates library so if your organization has developed a SharePoint 2010 application template, we want to hear from you! Share the ways that you have used SharePoint to better connect with people, develop insights into your business, and improve care processes. You can reach us at
Shawn Remacle
Director of US Provider Solutions, Microsoft