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  • Health Tech Today: Cough Phone

    As we look into the future of medical technology, hear how coughing into your cell phone could help diagnose what is wrong with you.

  • Health Tech Today: System for savings

    Philips Healthcare tools collect data at the point of care and share it quickly and efficiently. Both patient and hospital savings are measurable and better health care is the result.

  • Health Tech Today: Glimpse of the Future

    Microsoft Research labs nurture the ideas that become tomorrow’s technology. Learn about the future of healthcare, today.

  • Health Tech Today: Hot Technology Tools

    Joel French of Motion Computing shares the latest advances in technology tools along with insider tips on managing a successful healthcare IT implementation.

  • Health Tech Today: Dial Up Diagnosis

    Smartphones have become indispensible tools in healthcare. Learn why no other decision support software is as “smart” as NxOpinion.

  • Health Tech Today: Digital workflow

    Health Postbox Express shows how you can use cloud computing to get your workflow online in as little as a week, for less than you might think.

  • Health Tech Today: Gaming to Save Lives

    Medical simulation may look like play, but the results are seriously impressive with Banner Health's innovative solutions based on gaming technology.

  • Health Tech Today: Near-Death Lessons

    Dr. Michael Buist experienced two near-death experiences due to medical errors. He went on to invent Patientrak, significantly improving the timeliness of doctors attending patients.

  • Health Tech Today: Tough Tech

    Panasonic's Toughbook is a gold standard for medical laptops, built to satisfy demanding customers in critical situations.

  • Health Tech Today: Mobilife

    Imagination and innovation unite as students compete to bring new technological solutions to global problems. We look at a mobile screening tool that helps prevent child mortality.