Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Software solutions to help people at all levels of your health organization make financial, operational, and clinical decisions that support your overall organizational goals.

Microsoft delivers world-class business intelligence (BI) and clinical decision support through its enterprise suite of business intelligence and information management solutions—including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, and Microsoft Amalga—with the flexibility to deploy on-premises or in the cloud. To help your organization keep up with the growing demand for BI, Microsoft solutions provide health workers with access to data sources and the ability to analyze the data in a familiar environment, while ensuring your information and communications technology (ICT) department has the ability to monitor actions and maintain control—enabling "self-service BI" without compromise.

Improve performance and quality of care

In the face of increasing pressure to improve performance and quality of care, leading healthcare organizations are using Microsoft technologies and partners to implement BI solutions that:

  • Analyze service lines to help improve the quality and efficiency of medical service delivery.
  • Increase clinical quality and streamline reporting to accreditation organizations.
  • Aggregate disparate data and make it easy to identify and act on insights into clinical, financial, or operational performance.
  • Track operational performance drivers and analyze financial, operational, and clinical key performance indicators (KPIs) across the organization with customizable scorecards for groups and individuals.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server provides a scalable business intelligence platform optimized for data integration, reporting, and analysis—enabling organizations to deliver intelligence where users want it. The self-service BI functionality provides powerful capabilities to users and eases the workload of IT staff. The BI tools are easy to learn and use because of their familiar look and feel.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint provides a comprehensive reporting and analysis solution: a full set of features, a familiar user experience, and a single console for administration and management. With centralized control of the system, you can save time and effort. You can gain efficiencies using rich programming capabilities and development tools to deploy solutions that meet the specific needs of your health organization.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

By using the integrated business intelligence capabilities of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server—including dashboards, KPIs such as provider performance and critical claims processing metrics, and business data connectivity technologies—you can display key clinical and business information from disparate sources in one comprehensive view. Microsoft business intelligence scorecards, easy-to-use templates, and single interface for viewing KPIs let you track operational performance drivers and analyze financial, operational, and clinical data across the organization with customizable scorecards for groups and individuals.