Relationship Management

Relationship Management

New technology offers health organizations cost-effective ways to improve how care is provided to patients, how education is presented, and how information is shared with patients and the community.

Today, individuals have high expectations, putting pressure on your organization to reduce administrative complexity for patients and the health workers who interact with them. A highly intuitive relationship management solution based on Microsoft software can help increase patient satisfaction and engage community members. Health workers can use familiar productivity tools to simplify and automate communication and collaboration with each other and with patients. These tools also make it easier to improve relationships and better coordinate with allied physicians as well as with family members, clients, team members, volunteers, and nurses.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Relationship management solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM provide process workflows to simplify coordination of care and case management across organizations, as well as tools to target specific communities with tailored outreach campaigns and education programs. What’s more, they reduce the administrative burden and operational overhead associated with these activities.

With these solutions, health organizations can customize process workflows to streamline the collection and authorized sharing of patient information and automate care and case coordination activities—such as referrals and transfers—between departments, organizations and agencies. Health workers can quickly and easily segment patient types and proactively send communications targeted specifically to their health needs. For example, staff can use automated tools to send a smoking cessation newsletter to smokers or invite diabetic or overweight patients to a nutrition and exercise seminar, then track their responses and follow up as needed.

Improve communication and collaboration

Through a centralized and automated platform, connected, client-focused Microsoft solutions for relationship management (such as case coordination and condition management) and eligibility assessment can help you improve communication and collaboration within and outside your organization.

  • Improve productivity by enabling case workers to find relevant information quickly using a centralized, automated platform for relationship management.
  • Help increase satisfaction through better service and enhanced public access to systems.
  • Reduce costs and help ensure more accurate and up-to-date client data by sharing eligibility information among multiple agencies.
  • Preserve government funding with accurate reporting.
  • Customize solutions to meet your agency's investigative, regulatory, legal, and healthcare–related needs and extend the value of your existing systems.