Seeking elegant solutions to healthcare challenges

Dell’s August Calhoun on working with customers to find elegant solutions to healthcare challenges.
21 February 2014 | August Calhoun, PhD , Vice president and general manager, Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences

Our cities are our future

Learn how cities can transform infrastructure, engage citizens and organizations, and accelerate innovation for a healthy future.
09 December 2013 | Laura Ipsen , Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft

Virtual rehabilitation in Denmark

See how a virtual rehabilitation solution is helping Denmark care for its growing elderly population.
19 November 2013 | Sarah Muckler , Director of Health Marketing, Worldwide

People-first innovation helps hospital provide more efficient care

Hospital equips clinicians with a clinical desktop solution to help them work more efficiently and deliver better patient care.
15 November 2013 | Michelle September , Business Development Manager: Local & Regional Governments WW

Countries around the world are integrating their health efforts

Countries worldwide are connecting systems and data to support their health initiatives with the Connected Health Framework.
24 October 2013 | Leslie Sistla , Director, Technology Strategy, Worldwide Health Industry

Partnering for the Future of Health Innovation

What does the future hold for the delivery of health services? This question is the object of work, speculation, research, discussion, and imagination for many.
20 September 2013 | Elena Bonfiglioli , Senior Director, Health Industry, EMEA

Five apps to help move cities and health forward

Through CityNext, Microsoft and its global ecosystem of partners offer tools that help tackle issues of personal and public health, social services and well-being in an integrated context and cut across a city’s diverse set of services, policies, and...
30 July 2013 | Elena Bonfiglioli , Senior Director, Health Industry, EMEA

There’s so much more to healthcare (and health) than doctors and hospitals

When someone says the word “healthcare” what immediately comes to mind? If you are like most people you probably first think of doctors, nurses, clinics and hospitals. But in reality there is so much more to health and healthcare than that.
26 July 2013 | Dr. Bill Crounse , Senior Director, Worldwide Health, Microsoft

The city of the future is a healthier place to live

With the majority of our world’s population residing in cities, now more than ever we need to find smarter, more sustainable ways to help urban citizens live healthier.
23 July 2013 | Elena Bonfiglioli , Senior Director, Health Industry, EMEA

What’s next for cities and health

More than 50 percent of the people on the planet live in cities. And by 2050, it is estimated that number will increase to 70 percent. This means that cities are where the highest...
18 July 2013 | Neil Jordan , General Manager of Health Worldwide for Microsoft
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