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Plan for Windows 8


Inventory apps and hardware, assess compatibility, and plan your deployment of Windows 8.

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Watch the Windows 8 app demo


See the future of healthcare apps for better collaboration and information access.

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Deliver and deploy Windows 8


Find guidance and tools to help you prepare to deploy Windows 8 in your organization.

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Provide the devices and experiences users love with enterprise-grade solutions

Provide a "no compromise" experience test

With Windows 8 tablets, users can increase productivity without compromising experience, all while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of their device.

  • Offer busy clinicians a touch-first experience for a new level of productivity. Windows 8 offers touch, keyboard, mouse, pen, and voice -- the combination of voice and pen input are often idea for clinicians to dictate information
  • Combine with on premise and cloud-based voice dictation/transcription solutions from partners like nVOQ “SayIT” and Recognosco to truly enable Windows 8 devices to meet both clinical and business needs
  • Enable IT professionals to manage and secure Windows 8 tablets using existing infrastructure and tools

Transform healthcare with new ways to collaborate and access information and applications

  • ​Connect healthcare professionals and patients with mobile, online, and offline access from virtually anywhere
  • Provide the convenience and mobility of a tablet and the power and familiar experience of the full PC
  • Maintain the control, manageability, and security features required to help protect patient information and meet compliance regulations

See new possibilities in mobile productivity

A well connected Windows 8 device can deliver the right apps and data to the clinician/user securely wherever they are. Users can carry their own devices or can utilize a Windows To Go desktop by just carrying a USB stick.

  • Imagine your clinicians and other users being able to walk up to any device, plug in a fully secure USB stick, boot into their desktop, and access their apps and data from anywhere. Windows 8 enables this ultra-mobile workstyle through a bootable USB that turns almost any PC into a secure Windows 8-managed PC.
  • Facilitate easier interaction with full-screen applications that adapt to unique workstyles to help deliver improve patient outcomes and increase operational efficiency

Secure and manage end to end

​Windows 8 is designed to secure data from any device, while leveraging and building upon existing investments and equipment.

  • ​Help secure your data all the way from the user device to the network and backend infrastructure
  • Help secure your systems and protect them from threats using new technologies such as encryption through Bitlocker to reduce the risk of PHI being compromised
  • Protect connections within the corporate network or over the Internet, keeping patient data safe
  • Secure resources by using single authentication and authorization technologies
  • Support non-Windows devices with one management infrastructure for all of your devices, whether Windows or not