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18 February 2014 | Sam Robinson, National Director, U.S. Health Plan Industry, Health and Life Sciences

We all know how hyper-competitive and ever-changing the market is today. To retain and grow share in the current environment, your health plan needs to be smart and streamlined in your sales and service efforts. You need to understand customer needs, behaviors, and values across the entire sales-to-renewal lifecycle and develop strong, strategic relationships. And you need to do all of this in a way that’s efficient and helps you cut costs.

That’s where the Health Plan Sales and Service Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help. It enables your people to proactively manage and monitor sales, member service, and retention using familiar interfaces. The solution can help your health plan:

  • Customize a sales delivery infrastructure and tools for lead management, sales tracking, member service, and retention.
  • Create client life-cycle management tools for facilitating renewal alerts and opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell.
  • Support sales campaigns, email marketing, lead generation, and personalized selling materials.
  • Automate workflows and processes to help reduce administrative tasks and duplicated data entry.
  • Analyze real-time data, identify trends, and plan proactively.
  • Interoperate with public and private health insurance exchanges.

Centene Corporation, for example, uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support both member and provider services. It has helped the company streamline its interactions with providers on claims. And having a 360-degree-view of member data enables its people to provide more effective customer service and targeted, proactive outreach. Centene has also improved productivity in expansion call centers by 10 percent and reduced training time by 30 percent. Further, it has become more agile and gained business insight into the distinct needs of its customers.

Agility and responsiveness are key in today’s market

Navigating an increasingly complex and competitive environment requires business agility. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be adapted to meet changing demands and supports custom applications that you develop for your unique needs. This flexible platform configures easily to meet your organization's specific requirements and can boost your productivity because it:

  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and other core Microsoft tools so users across your organization can easily perform tasks using familiar applications.
  • Makes the most of unified communications functions, including web conferencing, presence, instant messaging, and scheduling.
  • Readily tailors the user experience for specific user roles.

Designed to work with the technology investments you have now and may have in the future, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be quickly and easily implemented in the cloud, on-premises, or a combination of both—and can be used on just about any device.

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM here or download the health plans template here. 

And keep checking back here on the Microsoft in Health blog. I will continue to share examples of how customers are using the Microsoft Health Plans Sales and Service solution to strategically and efficiently deliver great customer service and increase their piece of the pie in today’s ever-evolving market.

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Sam Robinson
National Director, U.S. Health Plan Industry, Health and Life Sciences

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Sam Robinson | National Director, U.S. Health Plan Industry, Health and Life Sciences

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