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The Search Quick Start Guide describes how to plan and design an Enterprise Search solution and the Search Planning and Implementation Guide provides step-by-step instructions showing how to configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server with these settings. The Advanced Search Guide extends this to help healthcare organizations roll-out an end-to-end search solution encompassing desktop, intranet, internet and authoritative medical reference sources.

This guidance helps healthcare organizations to rapidly configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Search for a number of common scenarios.

This guidance is suitable for use by healthcare organizations that currently:

  • Do not have a consolidated Enterprise Search solution deployed
  • Have limited search capabilities
  • Have no standardization across Search implementations
  • Find that valuable information is often overlooked by information seekers
  • Enterprise Advanced Search Guide

    This document is for healthcare organizations with a basic Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Search solution that wish to take

  • Enterprise Search Planning and Implementation Guide

    This guidance supports planning, implementation, and maintenance of an Office SharePoint Server 2007 Search solution, helping reduce configuration learning curve and implementation time and integrating intranet, Internet, and medical reference searching.

  • Enterprise Search Quick Start Guide

    This document aims to provide an introduction to Enterprise Search for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and a definition of the steps a healthcare organization must take in order to complete a successful implementation.