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08 December 2011 | Michael Robinson, Vice President, U.S. Health and Life Sciences, Microsoft
​I want to first congratulate my colleagues in our Health Solutions Group that today announced plans for an independent joint venture with GE Healthcare. Together, the new venture will deliver an open, interoperable technology platform and powerful clinical applications focused on enabling population health management. This is an exciting new milestone for Microsoft, and will help accelerate the achievement of Microsoft’s and GE’s shared vision of a connected, patient-centric care system.
I also want to take a moment to reaffirm Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to the health market. It is one of our fastest-growing business segments – Microsoft has over 160,000 customers worldwide, and over 20,000 partners selling a broad portfolio of health solutions on Microsoft technologies.

I’m proud of the important work Microsoft has done this year with our partners and customers, from launching new health information exchanges to delivering mobile applications that empower patients to manage their own health. We continue to partner with public and private health organizations to advance collaborative data sharing, as we just announced in Virginia. And yesterday in Chicago, Microsoft hosted a meeting with leading US corporations like Walgreens and Miracle-Gro, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Building a Healthier Chicago, the U.S. Surgeon General and others to discuss best practices in forging these public-private partnerships to improve the quality of health in all of our communities. I believe conversations like these will allow us to continue to develop and deliver the strategies and technologies that can and will improve the health system in the U.S.
Our partners have built strong businesses with Microsoft products, technologies, tools and resources for more global and local health customers in 53 countries around the world, and our relationships will remain unchanged. This joint venture with GE demonstrates great momentum for Microsoft’s healthcare solutions, and we’re excited to move into 2012 with a laser focus on providing trusted solutions and strategies to the health industry. If you have questions about our work in health, please leave us a comment.
Michael Robinson
Vice President, U.S. Health and Life Sciences, Microsoft

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