• Health Tech Today: Peace of mind

    Company CEO Chris Otto demonstrates MyHalo, offering around-the-clock vital sign and activity monitoring using body sensor technology combined with the Internet.

  • Health Tech Today: Patient power

    Group Health is widely recognized as a world leader in eHealth. Matt Handley, physician and CTO, shares how patient feedback guides how they deliver electronic healthcare.

  • Health Tech Today: Virtual Doctor

    Dr. Jay Parkinson wants to make seeing a doctor as easy as ordering a book on Amazon. Named as one of the first truly virtual doctors, Parkinson designs health care services based on social networking sites.

  • Health Tech Today: Video game diagnosis

    Doctors receive new insights into the symptoms of their young chronically ill patients courtesy of a video game. Health Tech Today talks with the creator of the new technology, Cornelia Ruland.

  • Health Tech Today: Patient first

    New York Presbyterian recently launched a patient-centered portal, CIO Aurelia Boyer talks about this totally connected network of patents, community, and health care professionals.

  • Health Tech Today: Painless scheduling

    Why is scheduling a doctor’s appointment such a hassle? Online ZocDoc helps you find a doctor near home, read reviews, check insurance, and schedule an appointment…all in under an hour.

  • Health Tech Today: Obama's health website

    Todd Park, CTO of U.S. Health and Human Services, talks about the new consumer-friendly website,, offering side-by-side comparisons of health insurance plans.

  • Health Tech Today: text4baby

    The U.S. has one of the highest infant mortality rates among industrialized countries. Text4baby supports underserved mothers with free text messages about pre-natal and infant care.

  • Health Tech Today: Medical tourism

    Thailand’s largest hospital and a center for medical tourism shows how they handle patient records, keep costs low, and maintain world-class care with the help of technology.

  • Health Tech Today: Managing your health online

    Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Tulledge-Scheitel shows us their new online tool, Mayo Clinic Heath Manager, powered by Microsoft HealthVault, which helps families better manage their health.