Microsoft’s 2011 U.S. Public Sector Partner of the Year Aims to Redefine the Online Patient Experience

16 August 2011 | Tom Cartlidge, Corporate Communications Manager

Microsoft has been saying some nice things about MEDSEEK and recently honored us as a Microsoft 2011 U.S. Public Sector Partner of the Year. Awarded just 16 months after MEDSEEK first engaged with Microsoft, this honor speaks volumes about MEDSEEK's strategic direction and our desire to redefine the online eHealth experience.

We are inspired by the millions of patients that reach out daily into the online world to search and shop for healthcare services, and are working hard to redefine the online patient experience.
Patients are increasingly aware of their role as healthcare consumers, and expect the same level of advanced functionality in managing their health as they experience when booking travel online at home or buying a digital book for their smartphone from Amazon. Thus, when they are greeted with a patient portal that is little more than an online billboard for hospital services, they will naturally shop around for the best available experience.
MEDSEEK understands the digital needs of the modern patient, and built our eHealth ecoSystemSP on Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 platform in order to present a 360° virtual health experience that addresses the entire spectrum of ePatient needs—needs that the market has traditionally addressed with separate consumer and patient portals. A radical departure from traditional “portal and module think,” the 360° virtual health experience is MEDSEEK’s holistic approach to providing an evolving and personalized experience for the ePatient across the continuum of care.
Patients are delivered compelling content and self-service transaction capabilities such as the ability to obtain test results, make appointments, obtain procedure cost estimates and securely communicate with physicians. By enabling patients to access self-service functions and tools that serve up targeted, intuitive personalized content and health recommendations, MEDSEEK is changing the way patients and HCOs facilitate personal health management, and is helping prospective ePatients establish a profitable relationship with the HCO.
As Meaningful Use progresses and we move towards accountable care, healthcare organizations are competing to attract, activate and retain patients who are willing to be partners in their own health. But partnerships require dedication from both sides, and at MEDSEEK we understand this symbiotic environment. We like what our partners at Microsoft have to say about MEDSEEK’s patient experience solutions. Are you going to like what your patient partners say about the online experience you are offering them?
Tom Cartlidge
Corporate Communications Manager