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  • IHE 2010 integration statement

    Read the integration statement for Microsoft's XDS.b Registry & Repository.

  • Healthcare terminology

    This paper is written for technologists as a level 100-200 introduction focussing on SNOMED healthcare terminology and how Microsoft is able to enhance usage of terminologies via the expertise of the Microsoft partner, Health Language, Inc.

  • Getting Started with HL7 v3 & BizTalk

    This paper provides developers with an overview of HL7 version 3 Messaging (HL7 v3) concepts, how to build HL7 v3 solutions with Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2006, and how to convert message format from HL7 v3 to HL7 Version 2 Messaging (HL7 v2).

  • Building blocks for an accessible cloud

    Read about Microsoft's vision and strategy for an accessible cloud for people with a wide range of abilities.

  • Answering the health ICT challenge: An optimized infrastructure

    As the guardian of health data, ICT departments need to build technology foundations that enable better, more efficient care; workforce mobility; and new delivery models that empower individuals to manage their own health.