Clifford Goldsmith, MD

Managing Director, US Healthcare Providers

​Clifford Goldsmith, Managing Director for the US Provider Industry, brings a unique experience to Microsoft as a physician who also has over twenty-eight years of know-how envisioning, designing, developing, and selling high-performance technology solutions for the healthcare industry. He specializes in technology for shared accountability for health.

Dr. Goldsmith has been with Microsoft’s Healthcare team for more than 15 years.  In his tenure with Microsoft Corporation he has served in several roles before his current one including Health Care Strategist for the North East US, Managing Consultant in Microsoft Consulting Services for Healthcare and a national Health Plan Strategist.  Dr. Goldsmith has focused on numerous areas of healthcare information technology including accountable care organizations and patient centered medical homes, healthcare analytics, pharmaceutical clinical trials, medical devices and embedded systems, agents for home care, patient engagement, Microsoft’s Physician Digital Dashboard and Clinical Portals.

He has also served as Chief Medical Officer of Aptima Corporation, where he led a team in transitioning well-tested concepts on human-centered engineering from aviation and the military into healthcare.  Prior to joining Microsoft in 1998, Dr. Goldsmith was the co-founder of LINK Medical Computing, which produces a commercial product for integrating medical devices with Hospital Information Systems.  Before LINK, he worked for Harvard University’s Department of Medicine and the Center for Clinical Computing, developing and managing various aspects of the HIS for both Beth Israel and Brigham and Women’s Hospitals.  During this appointment, he pioneered full, remote access electrocardiograph (ECG) integration HIS and implemented it at the Beth Israel Hospital.  He was a founding member of Microsoft Healthcare Users Group (MSHUG) and joined the HL7 (Health Level 7) Committee in its early years.