How better, faster access to data can transform patient care

25 April 2014 | Steven Bridgeland, Senior Product Marketing Manager - Health, Windows Embedded, Microsoft

In any busy hospital, efficiency is paramount; for physicians, every moment saved on process can mean more time spent where it really counts: at the patient bedside. At Windows Embedded, we create the technologies that power many interesting and innovative solutions in health — from intelligent systems that shave precious minutes off of medication delivery times, to bedside entertainment systems that ease boredom, inform, and maintain critical connections to loved ones. Across the industry, it’s exciting to see what Microsoft technologies can do to enable unprecedented levels of hospital IT interoperability, driving all kinds of efficiencies, cost savings, and, best of all, better patient care.

This week, we’re showcasing a solution that’s making a measureable difference by easing access to critical patient data. Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital in Valencia, California, has created a system that realizes the potential of the Internet of Things: an innovative single sign-on system that shaves precious minutes off the time doctors spend logging into secure systems. In addition, the system enables anywhere, anytime, secure access to data via a physician’s own tablet, phone or other device. Watch the video and read more about Henry Mayo’s solution to see how focusing on a single thing—connecting devices and diverse datasets to ease information access—can create a real impact on patient care.

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Steven Bridgeland
Senior Product Marketing Manager - Health, Windows Embedded, Microsoft

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Steven Bridgeland | Senior Product Marketing Manager - Health, Windows Embedded, Microsoft

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