A platform for nurses’ voices to be heard

13 June 2014 | Neil Jordan, General Manager of Health Worldwide for Microsoft

Here at Microsoft, we are passionate about the care that nurses deliver every day. That’s why we are excited to launch the Nurses for Microsoft in Health blog today, International Nurses Day! When I talk with nurses across the globe, I’m always struck by all the valuable experience out there. Nurses worldwide face similar challenges, so it’s incredibly helpful for them to share with one another what’s working and not working in tackling those challenges.

The blog is for nurses—by nurses. It is an ongoing forum for nurses to exchange information about innovative technologies that are making a real impact on their workflow. It will include personal stories from nurses about the devices, services, and best practices that are helping them work more efficiently and provide better care to their patients.

In addition to the blog, the Nurses for Microsoft in Health webpage also includes case studies detailing how health organizations have equipped their nurses with technology tools to streamline processes and improve clinical outcomes. Plus, the nurses’ webpage includes apps and other helpful resources.

Nurses make up a large portion of the professional clinical workforce. Just check out the chart below based on statistics from the World Health Organization that shows the ratio of nurses to physicians in various countries.

Nurses and Physicians per 10,000/population

World Health Organization (World Health Organization [WHO], 2013, p. 121)


Because nurses make up such a significant percentage of the clinician population, it’s crucial that their voices be heard. Just as they are on the frontlines of healthcare, they need to be on the frontlines of guiding the direction of health IT. Their input is vital in helping health organizations make the right technology decisions. The same goes for us technology companies. We need to hear from nurses so that we can make sure we keep getting better and better at addressing their needs.

So to all you nurses out there: We hope that you find the Nurses for Microsoft in Health blog and webpage provide an interactive community where you can exchange knowledge and amplify your decision-making influence. We invite you to share your experiences. What technology services and devices have you found most helpful in your day-to-day work? How are you taking advantage of today’s innovative offerings such as tablets, online collaboration and communication, and analytics to deliver better care to more people? What capabilities do you need moving forward?

We hope to hear from you. Please send us an email or connect with us on Facebook or via Twitter.

Neil Jordan
General Manager of Health Worldwide for Microsoft