Microsoft Senior Director Recognized for Health and Wellness Efforts

12 April 2011 | Neil Jordan, General Manager of Health Worldwide for Microsoft

​It’s not every year that the Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM) chooses to recognize the efforts of an individual for international leadership in employee health and wellness. In fact, only two such announcements have been made in the organization’s history. So it is with great excitement that I extend a congratulatory nod to my colleague and friend, Dr. Bill Crounse, who was in Orlando this week accepting the third IHPM International Leadership Award.

For those familiar with the work of Microsoft’s Senior Director of Worldwide Health, and followers of Healthblog and Health Tech Today, it will come as no surprise to learn that Bill has been given this commendation.
As a liaison between the world of

technology and the healthcare industry Bill assists in guiding Microsoft partners healthcare organizations in developing and implementing technology solutions aimed at achieving better care and better outcomes for more people. We bring people, processes and information together to support more-informed decisions and greater collaboration; and Bill, with his global knowledge and clinical expertise, helps us provide new capabilities to help people advance research, management, and care.
Sean Sullivan, President of IHPM noted: “Dr. Bill Crounse is a uniquely valuable global health care asset – a business intelligence gatherer and communicator who is helping many healthcare stakeholders to understand the future that is unfolding all around them and all around the world, driven increasingly by technologies unimagined just a decade ago. He is an easy choice to receive IHPM’s International Leadership Award in Health & Productivity Management.”
Bill is our in-house medical expert and has made significant strides during his tenure at Microsoft to speak out about the medical and organizational benefits of using information technology to provide better patient care. Bill is not just providing a service to Microsoft and its partners, but also to all citizens around the world. Congratulations again, Bill.
To learn more about the work Bill is doing around the world, I encourage you to follow him on Healthblog; for more information about Microsoft’s perspective on healthcare IT, follow Microsoft in Health as well.
Neil Jordan
General Manager of Health Worldwide for Microsoft