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25 February 2014 | Gabor Fari, Director of Business Development & Strategy, Health and Life Sciences

In the past, pharmaceutical companies relied on large, expensive sales forces to influence physicians in their prescribing behavior and drive revenue. However, today's busy healthcare professionals have little time for sales representatives. That means your life sciences firm needs new approaches and sales tools to increase market share in this changing environment.

Perhaps you’ve tried a traditional customer relationship management (CRM) system but found it to be complex and cumbersome. Even many of the newer systems have significant limitations. They often lack integration with enterprise-standard tools for collaboration and productivity and don’t support offline use scenarios well. This means sales reps end up having to carry two devices in order to do their daily work.

Easy-to-use, highly secure sales enablement tools

Your life sciences firm needs a sales enablement solution that helps you deliver timely, targeted messages to physicians, payers, hospitals, and consumers via the most effective channels.

To address these needs, Microsoft and our partners have developed solutions for e-detailing, closed-loop marketing, and analytics that are integrated with familiar Microsoft Office applications. With easy-to-use, highly secure tools that can be used across applications and devices, your sales staff can access and share the information they need to interact effectively with prescribers.

Sales reps can deliver communications customized to each physician's customer profile—through multiple channels and devices. They can also easily capture physician survey responses, requests for follow-up, and specific topics discussed. Because these solutions integrate information from mobile devices, the Web, and Microsoft Office-based systems, your salespeople can use one device for all of their work and are freed up from time-consuming data-entry chores. This way they can focus more time on deepening their client relationships and increasing revenue.

In addition, brand teams can gain a more complete picture of the customer so they can develop engaging, relevant messages. And sales managers can quickly view integrated real-time information from various sources to evaluate sales performance and identify emerging trends throughout your global operation.

In other words, these solutions can help you efficiently and cost-effectively increase your sales effectiveness in today’s changing and dynamic market.

With a sales enablement solution from Microsoft and our partners, you can:

  • Increase sales force productivity with easy-to-use tools that eliminate time-wasting chores.
  • Facilitate collaboration and secure communication on the road and in the office.
  • Free up your sales force from the burden of having to carry two devices.
  • Gain greater visibility into customer information to deliver the right messages.
  • Monitor key performance indicators and sales productivity to make the best management decisions and identify early trends.
  • Optimize the sales processes though more personalized interactions.
  • Help control sales costs and accelerate revenue growth.

Designed to work with the investments you have now and may have in the future, sales enablement solutions based on flexible Microsoft technologies can be quickly and easily implemented in a private cloud, public cloud, or a combination of both—and can be used on just about any device. They’re available through our global network of Microsoft partners. In the weeks to come, we will share examples of these solutions and how our customers are using them to increase sales efficiency and revenue, so keep checking back.

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Gabor Fari
Director of Business Development & Strategy, Health and Life Sciences