Health Portals

Delivering patient care, coordinating with specialists, managing administrative tasks, interacting with payors, and staying up to date on the latest evidence and protocols--they all depend on accessing and sharing information in a secure manner.

Microsoft health portal solutions provide a foundation for more efficient information sharing. This helps healthcare professionals work together more effectively, respond to issues more quickly, and deliver higher quality care at a lower overall cost.

Today, effectively delivering and coordinating care requires convenient access to data that can be shared securely within a hospital or health system or across an entire community. From the bedside to remote access via tablets and other mobile devices, consumers increasingly expect to be involved in managing their health and care. Whether it's accessing personalized health content and test results or communicating with members of a care team, engaging patients and their families online with meaningful self-service options can improve the experiences and outcomes your organization is already providing.

Easy access to information

Microsoft and our partners provide a variety of options to improve care quality and the efficiency of the increasingly mobile health community by providing easy access to information virtually anywhere, anytime.*

  • Give the right people real-time access to relevant applications, content, and services that facilitate collaboration and enhance community.
  • Supply an increasingly mobile provider community with easy access to information virtually anywhere, anytime.*
  • Deliver the security framework needed to achieve compliance with government regulations.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint provides a full set of tools in a single infrastructure that helps to simplify site development and management. From a secure portal for your medical staff, to specialized sites for managing chronic diseases, to internal sites for staff collaboration and knowledge transfer, people can share and publish information using one familiar system. SharePoint gives people the content they need, the way they want it. Features such as audience targeting, multilingual interface support, and user tagging provide a highly customized web experience that can be tailored to meet the needs of providers, patients, and consumers alike.

Microsoft HealthVault

HealthVault is a platform that allows consumers to securely store and access health and medical information wherever and whenever they want. Information can be added manually by both consumers and health professionals, uploaded automatically from HealthVault platform-enabled medical devices, or sent from a provider’s electronic medical records system. Once the data is entered, consumers and providers can use HealthVault platform-enabled web applications to analyze information important to managing health and medical conditions.