Personal Fitness and Emergency Services Apps Top Winners of Microsoft Windows Phone Health and Life Sciences Apps Contest

14 June 2011 | Steve Aylward, General manager, US Health & Life Sciences Solutions & Strategy, Microsoft

We’re pleased to announce the winners of Microsoft Health and Life Sciences’ first mobile apps contest for the Windows Phone.
Our top seven winners demonstrated the power and ease with which the Windows Phone platform can deliver mobile applications that fit the way people aspire to work and live.
For example, wellness app Healthy U is designed to make your life easier, especially during a medical emergency. This app can make quick calls to emergency services, and find doctors by name, location, specialty or even by what kind of insurance they accept. It also uses mapping technology to pinpoint vaccination centers by address or current location. The app also provides nutrition facts, including detailed calorie charts, acting as both your medical organizer and meal planner.
6 Week Training gives users an on-the-go program that helps them reach fitness training goals in push-ups, sit-ups, squats and dips. After an initial test, the program selects the appropriate workout level and keeps track of users’ workouts, while monitoring progress using available charts and past data logs.
Other winners include: yoga-appA Pose for That; Pregnancy e-wheel, a phone app version of the obstetricians’ tool to time pregnancy and fetal development; My Sleep, which helps improve sleeping habits; Nutrition Missions, focused on nutritious foods; and HealthCaddyFree, a mobile app that tracks key vitals from blood glucose to blood pressure and weight.
Congratulations to our seven winners, and we can’t wait to see what you develop next!
Steve Aylward
General manager, US Health & Life Sciences Solutions & Strategy, Microsoft