Health Information Modernization

I would estimate that I’ve been able to increase the time I spend working on tasks that are directly aligned with my overall objectives by 40 percent.

Stephanie Thomas, Chief Operating Officer, Denver Health

Unite the health ecosystem

​Digitize and connect fragmented parts of the health ecosystem to improve access to data, increase workforce mobility, and help enable more efficient delivery models.

Access real-time information

​Use real-time business intelligence to improve patient care and safety, quality measures, clinical and organizational outcomes, and operational performance.

Deploy the cloud on your terms

​Choose the cloud scenario that is right for your health organization to realize flexibility, improved service delivery, and increased efficiencies.

Electronic medical records

​When health professionals are connected to the right information at the right time, they can deliver quality care to help reduce readmission rates and improve chronic care management and patient satisfaction. Solutions by Microsoft and our partners help you implement new, or enhance existing, electronic medical record (EMR) systems and imaging systems to improve the availability of patient information, enhance collaboration between workers, and drive the integration of health automation tools.

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