Microsoft Opens Nominations for 2012 Life Sciences Innovation Awards

20 March 2012 | Andrea McGonigle, Managing Director, Life Sciences, MSFT group
​We’ve witnessed a lot of great innovation within life sciences this year, and I couldn’t be more excited to announce the 2012 Microsoft Life Sciences Innovation Awards. Each year, we ask pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies to help us showcase the use of new Microsoft technology to bring therapeutic breakthroughs to market faster, to fight serious ailments and to improve healthcare.
The program recognizes both customers and their partners, and last year, the following companies were named as winners:
  • Merck & Co. and InterKnowlogy for the development and use of a touch-enabled imaging application, utilizing Microsoft’s multi-touch interface, to improve researcher collaboration worldwide.
  • PPD and ProtonMedia, for the use of ProtonMedia’s ProtoSphere Lync Edition to deploy PPD® 3D, a virtual collaboration technology that improves collaboration among scientific researchers and enhances the cost-effectiveness, speed and quality of clinical trial training.


In addition to demonstrating benefits achieved, nominated solutions should represent a breakthrough from the industry and historical approaches; go beyond incremental improvements on technologies that already exist; and improve the company’s ability to get safer and more efficacious products/services to market faster.
If you think your company has a Microsoft-based solution that deserves to be recognized, we want to hear from you. Visit our website to submit a nomination and for official entry rules. The nomination period will close on May 18, with winners announced at the DIA 2012 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.
Andrea McGonigle
Managing Director, Life Sciences, MSFT group