May: A month to focus on women’s health

28 May 2013 | Sarah Muckler, Director of Health Marketing, Worldwide

I love May. Between Mother’s Day, warmer temperatures, and summer plans, it’s a pretty good month. It’s also when I reflect on and celebrate the special women in my life—those who have inspired and nurtured me—including my grandmother, Alice, one of the strongest women I know.  As a child, I would often hear her say, “Today is the best of times. Don’t sit and listen to folks reflecting on the good ole’ days—get up and realize you’re living in it.”

This wonderful quote resonated with me as child and rings true even more today as I sit in Microsoft’s corporate offices running Worldwide Health Marketing. Here, I start every day asking myself how Microsoft can make a real impact for better health worldwide. And I find ways to operationalize the mantra, “How can we better enable care for more people?”

Referencing my grandmother’s quote and looking around at the technology available today, I am inspired to say that, in many ways, women are indeed living the best of times with respect to healthcare empowerment. I was reminded of this during National Women’s Health week in the United States, where the Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women’s Health coordinates a weeklong series of events in an effort to promote women’s health and importance.

In the U.S. and beyond, it’s promising to look around and see the impact of technology and the consumerization of IT affecting every aspect of women’s lives. The amazing digital ecosystem that we have at our disposal helps us lead full, balanced, and connected lives. This month I encourage you to recognize and celebrate a handful of tech advances that I think are enriching the lives of busy, thriving, and productive women:

  • Sharecare, a health and wellness social media platform that connects people with top-ranking doctors, specialists, and healthcare companies to enrich collective health and wellness wisdom
  • Woman Calendar Lite, an app helping women track fertility indicators, thereby reducing stress in baby planning to enable healthier pregnancies
  • One Woman Song, a powerful rallying cry written for United Nations Women (UN Women) to celebrate and recognize the enormous potential of half of the world’s population—women
  • WiPro AssureHealth platform, an innovative, patient-centered solution for Remote Fetal Monitoring that will enable care providers to monitor patients regularly and precisely manage fetal and maternal wellbeing
  • Facebook and Pinterest, pervasive social platforms that empower us to share some of our greatest moments with friends and family—and to amplify women’s issues worldwide

Although there is much work to do on a global scale, I think things are only going to get better. The products, apps, and social networks available today to help women find, plan, organize, and share information are endless. For us at Microsoft Worldwide Health, we’re truly excited to be creating the technologies that enable organizations and people to connect, communicate, and collaborate to promote health and wellbeing. And we feel the possibilities to better enable care for more people are truly endless.

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Sarah Muckler
Director of Health Marketing, Worldwide

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