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Microsoft Office 2003 Migration

This document acts as a reference guide for the most common tasks involved with upgrading to Microsoft Office 2003.

This guidance provides information on hardware requirements, installation process and migration approaches, and covers the planning, development, stabilization and deployment phases. The following installation processes are included in this guidance:

  • Running Setup from an installation image
  • Creating a hard disk image
  • Using Group Policy to deploy Office 2003
  • Using SMS to deploy Office 2003
  • Deploying to roaming users
  • Deploying Office 2003 in a Windows Terminal Services environment

This guide also describes the key tasks required to migrate to Microsoft Office 2003 from Microsoft Office 2000 or Office XP, and provides recommendations and links to external Microsoft documentation where relevant.

  • Microsoft Office 2003 Migration Guide

    This document focuses on guidance that will assist healthcare IT professional in the tasks and processes to migrate from Office 2000 or Office XP to Office 2003.