Hospital analyzes healthcare practice in hours instead of months

01 May 2014 | Michael Hopmere, Principal Program Manager, IS Ecosystem – Health

When I work with customers on proof-of-concept (POC) projects for Power BI for Office 365, they’re always impressed by how quickly it enables them to turn large amounts of previously disconnected and disparate data into valuable, actionable insight for managing their organization.

This was the case at Norway’s Oslo University Hospital, one of the largest in Scandinavia. The hospital in its current form was established in 2010, following the merger of four smaller hospitals—each with its own information systems and databases. In order to do any type of enterprise-wide analysis of healthcare practices, they needed to bring together data from these separate databases.

In this POC, I worked with Karl Oyri, research fellow at The Intervention Centre at Oslo University Hospital, the research and development unit charged with identifying clinical best practices and applying new technologies to healthcare management. Karl and his team were interested in understanding the differences in workload and throughput of two different radiology departments.

Using the self-service, easy-to-use tools of Power BI, here’s what we did: Radiology data was collected from the Radiology Information Systems using Power Query and was then organized in an Excel workbook that researchers could access via a Power BI site—where they could easily share queries and collaborate. Graphical representations of the analyses were created in Power View and published for viewing and consumption on the Power BI site and Windows 8 devices through the Mobile BI app.

Previously, it might have taken the hospital months to collect and analyze radiology data. In contrast, in this POC, the data was analyzed with Power BI over the course of a few hours—making it possible for executives to make better, data-driven organizational decisions based on current information.

It was a real pleasure working with the team at the Intervention Centre, and I am very excited about the possible application areas in future research conducted there.

To learn more about what Oslo University Hospital is doing with Power BI, check out the case study.

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Michael Hopmere
Principal Program Manager, IS Ecosystem – Health