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  • Health Tech Today: Digital Paramedic

    Andrew Cull, 31-year old paramedic-turned-CEO of Remote Medical International, uses handheld devices, cell phones, and online software to dispense emergency medical services around the globe.

  • Health Tech Today: Future Prescriptions

    Jeff Goldsmith, a leading healthcare futurist, shares insights on service delivery, communication, and collaboration in the health industry and how IT can help remedy industry shortcomings.

  • Health Tech Today: Hot Technology Tools

    Joel French of Motion Computing shares the latest advances in technology tools along with insider tips on managing a successful healthcare IT implementation.

  • Health Tech Today: Dial Up Diagnosis

    Smartphones have become indispensible tools in healthcare. Learn why no other decision support software is as “smart” as NxOpinion.

  • Health Tech Today: Instant Info=Instant Care

    Nazounki Global Medical Network connects Western doctors to patients needing care in Africa using software applications and cellular phones to remotely exchange information and medical images.

  • Health Tech Today: Archbishop Desmond Tutu

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu discusses how eHealth -- the use of information technologies in medicine -- may be the key to solving chronic problems in healthcare.

  • Health Tech Today: Mobile medicine

    With these new mobile apps for schedules, patient results, dictation and charge codes, doctors can make better decisions while on the go.

  • Health Tech Today: Gaming Lessons

    Jump over junk food and gobble up healthy treats to give you more energy to win. Fast-paced video games are the latest teaching tool, helping children learn healthy life lessons.

  • Health Tech Today: Mobilife

    Imagination and innovation unite as students compete to bring new technological solutions to global problems. We look at a mobile screening tool that helps prevent child mortality.

  • Health Tech Today: Fast Search

    Doctors rely on relevant and accurate information to deliver the best patient care. The CTO of NHS Evidence, Andrew Fenton, makes the case for a new medical search engine.