Solutions from Microsoft and its partners help connect people, processes, and information, so you advance collaboration and make insightful decisions. With innovative solutions and an ongoing commitment to work with health organizations, communities, and partners to help move health forward, Microsoft can help you deliver a real impact for better care and better outcomes for more people.


Cloud Computing in Health

Improve communication technology management, control costs, streamline care, and much more with the cloud. With over 25 years of providing some of the largest and most reliable cloud services in the world, Microsoft is ready to meet your needs.

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Electronic Medical Records

Having an electronic medical record system is just the beginning. The next step is to combine your EMR with your other systems. For example, you can:

  • Make it easier for people to connect to information on their PCs, tablets, or phones
  • Improve clinical quality, efficiency, and financial performance with business intelligence data
  • Support your EMR with a robust infrastructure
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e-Health Resource Center

Microsoft offers solution accelerators and technical guidance for e-Health and ICT professionals. Learn about the Connected Health Framework, Connected Health Platform, and Connected Health Platform Solution Accelerators.


Mobility in Health

Help enable better, more efficient care by connecting systems, data, processes, and devices to improve information management and communication. With optimized infrastructure offerings from Microsoft and its partners, you can establish interoperable, security-enhanced, flexible, and scalable infrastructure services on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid scenarios.


Health Analytics & Business Intelligence

Optimize the value and reach of solutions such as EMR, Medical Imaging and Case Management through data analytics, integrated collaboration, flexible devices and virtualization options, and patient involvement – by leveraging on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solutions offered by Microsoft and its partners. Unify fragmented parts of the health ecosystem to improve quality, increase workforce mobility, and help enable more efficient delivery models.

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Health Collaboration

With Microsoft and partner solutions on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid scenarios, health workers can collaborate efficiently and effectively with each other inside and outside your organization, and with patients and citizens. Interoperable and open, these solutions connect devices, data, systems, and processes to help people collaborate in real time and get the information they need, when they need it.

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Security & Compliance in Health

Security and compliance offerings from Microsoft help protect your ICT infrastructure. They help you integrate, extend, and simplify security and compliance for your organization. See how to:

  • Integrate and extend security
  • Simplify the security experience
  • Accelerate the planning and delivery of health solutions
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Health Portals

Shareable and secure data is vital to delivering effective and efficient patient care. It’s also important in coordinating with specialists and managing administrative tasks. See how the health portal solutions from Microsoft help meet the needs of improving access to information with tools like SharePoint and HealthVault.


Secure & Connected Infrastructure in Health

Secure and reliable access to data is imperative to a successful health organization. Learn how this can be done by optimizing your ICT infrastructure, deploying cloud solutions, optimizing security, and more.