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Platform Optimization V Resources

Strategic Advantage and the Microsoft Application Platform

This whitepaper from the Microsoft Application Platform team discusses the distinct benefits our framework provides; a reliable, secure, manageable, and economical software platform to help organizations amplify the impact of their people, increase business agility and achieve strategic advantage.

Platform Optimization V Resources

Forrester Consulting: Application Platform Optimization Study

Many organizations embrace converged application platforms, but adoption barriers remain. In this whitepaper, companies cite cost reductions and business process advances as drivers for adopting platforms encompassing application servers to business intelligence.

Platform Optimization V Resources

David Chappell and Associates: Application Platforms and Business Strategy V Making the Connection

Every organization pursues business strategies that differentiate it from its competitors. Application platforms, the software that supports custom applications, play an essential role in providing this differentiation.

Whitepapers & Case Studies
Premier BankCard
"We have about 2,700 concurrent users generating a continuous 700 transactions per second, sometimes more than doubling to 1,500 transactions per second. With the 64-bit version of SQL Server 2005 running on Itanium 2 processors we see no limit to our ability to scale our transaction processing."
X Ron Van Zanten, Directing Officer of Business Intelligence, Premier Bankcard
Webcasts & Blogs
Enable Your Company to Become More Strategic
Learn how you can use an optimization framework to plan, build, and maintain a connected, flexible, and more secure application platform.
Training & Events
IT Manager Connections
View this on-demand webcast series for a thought-provoking review of the Microsoft Application Platform, including all five capabilities.
Platform Support, Tools, and Deployment V MSDN
The Microsoft Developer Network gives your IT development team all the information they need to deploy the Microsoft Application Platform. Look here for technical code support, tools and tips, for specific application issues and deployment.
IT Resource Center V Microsoft TechNet
TechNet is the resource center for all IT Professionals. Look here for help with configuring your network, troubleshooting your platform applications, and other information about the IT Professional community.

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