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Cloud Unlimited for a Better Hong Kong
Increasing Productivity, Developing People and Driving Prosperity

Corporate Citizenship Mission

Our goal is to help people and businesses in Hong Kong realize their full potential and create a real impact for a better Hong Kong through innovative technologies and partnerships. We are committed to promoting economic growth, creating innovation and jobs, transforming education and building an inclusive society through the ‘Cloud Unlimited for a Better Hong Kong’ initiative.

Since Microsoft established its presence in Hong Kong in 1991, we have remained mindful to work responsibly and have also gone far beyond our commitments to demonstrate ethical business standards, promote computer and Internet safety and mitigate risks to the environment, fulfilling our ongoing responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

As part of Microsoft’s corporate global initiative to develop national plans for promoting healthy communities and fuelling growth in local communities where we operate, Microsoft Hong Kong has developed and is implementing an initiative known as ‘Cloud Unlimited for a Better Hong Kong’. This initiative aligns with both Government’s key priorities and the pivotal role of ICT, particularly Cloud Computing, in driving continued economic growth, creating innovation and jobs, and ultimately increasing the competitiveness of Hong Kong. The four main areas of focus are: -

Powering economic growth

boosting the adoption of cloud computing, in turn improving productivity and saving costs for businesses and government and non-government organizations alike;

Creating innovation and jobs

driving new Microsoft technologies and building a robust IT ecosystem which fosters local innovation and creates jobs as well as spawning new business startups and models;

Transforming education

getting young people ready for the global digital economy by prioritizing e-learning to help improve learning outcomes, and developing a thriving ecosystem for education cloud services;

Building an inclusive society

bringing relevant, accessible and affordable technologies to the needy, and contributing to a caring and digital society by building ICT capability for individuals and NGOs.

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Local Citizenship Newsletters

Local Citizenship Newsletters

As one of the leaders in modern world, we feel obliged to help Hong Kong people and businesses to realize the potential they did not realize they have, and we feel honored to do so. Throughout the years, people from different industries and different age groups have enjoyed opportunities given through the combined effort of Microsoft® and other organizations, such as different local government departments. The Local Citizenship Newsletter is to provide you with the news on all the latest opportunities to be unveiled for you. Be the next to realize your unlimited potential!

View all the latest news on what Microsoft is bringing to our community through:
  1. Nurture creativity and improve the IT knowledge and skills for different people
  2. Maintain interests, and provide new ways to educate and to learn for teachers and students, with the latest Microsoft technology
  3. Combining with our partners and the local government, bringing the local citizens opportunities to prosper

Cloud Unlimited for a Better Hong Kong