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Microsoft Hong Kong Customer Service Hotline
Hong Kong:
(852) 2388 9600
Macau: Toll Free Number
0800 760
Hours of Operation:
9:00am - 6:00pm
(Monday to Friday)
Click here to learn more about the hotline support options.
Microsoft Hong Kong customer service resources are at your fingertips!
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90 Days Warranty - Full Packaged Products
Customers who purchase Microsoft Full Packaged Products (FPPs) can enjoy 90-days free warranty support. This includes unlimited number of free support incidents through web and phone.

What is a FPP?
Full packaged products, or FPPs, refer to shrink-wrapped boxes of licensed Microsoft products that you can buy from software retailers. FPPs contain software CDs, manuals and an End User License Agreement (EULA). FPP license is perpetual.

To check if your software is a FPP version, please visit for instructions to obtain your Product Identification (PID).

Scope of Warranty Support

In scope:
  • Setup and install problems, basic how-to questions and all break/fix related issues
  • Installation support:
    Installation is defined as "the process where the Microsoft program is extracted from the installation media, onto the computer hard drive and the application successfully launches, or the operating system boots." Free assistance with installation is limited to individual installation of Microsoft products on stand-alone or network client systems. This service does not cover bulk or automated installation of products, network connectivity issues. Further criteria and conditions for free installation support are as follows:
    • - Setup program will not run to completion
    • - Features previously working before an upgrade can no longer be use
    • - The PC hardware is on the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) (where applicable)
    • - Software installed on the PC is listed on the Software Compatibility List (SCL) (where applicable)
Not in scope:
  • Problems related to network environments, for example, local area network connectivity, security, messaging and network printing
  • Performance tuning
  • Onsite support
  • Advisory service
  • Password decode service
  • Data recovery
  • 3rd party products
Warranty Support T&C at

Getting Warranty Support from Microsoft
You may also contact our technical support hotline for assistance. Prior to making contacts, please have the following information handy:
  1. Product Identification (PID)
  2. Name and version of Microsoft product
  3. Returned message or return code
Full details of Microsoft products currently support are listed at under Product Support Lifecycle.

If your Microsoft product is preinstalled, distributed with your computer, or if you obtain an upgrade directly from your computer manufacturer, your primary source for support is the personal computer manufacturer who provides your Microsoft software. See "OEM Support"
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Support Service Level
Online/Email Enquiries

Submit a request at

Service Target:
Expect email response within next business day

Phone Enquiries
Customer Service Hotline:
(852) 2388 9600 for Hong Kong SAR customers
0800 760 for Macao SAR customers

Hours of Operation:
0900 to 1800 Monday to Friday (excl. public holidays)

Service Targets:
All technical enquiries expected to be handled upon first call or within 3 business days (if further investigation or troubleshooting is required)

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Paid Support Options
Support options for home users, home office, other very small-business customers, developers, IT professionals, and partners.

  • Personal Support
    Personal Support offers consumer-tailored support information services provided by support professionals who understand the specific needs of consumers, home users and home office users, providing support that is easy-to-use, convenient, and in non-technical jargons.
  • Professional Support
    Professional Support for IT Professionals, Developers and Partners provides assistance that IT professionals in small- to medium-sized enterprises need to deploy and maintain applications, solutions and networks based on Microsoft platforms, products and tools, mainly through providing online information, technical resources, and responsive incident support from support professionals trained in the needs of IT professionals.
  • Premier Support
    As more Microsoft products are deployed in the Enterprise, customers expect Microsoft to provide direct service to support them in daily operation as well as long term IT planning. Premier Support Services provide custom-made support in each account situation; and it evolves based on customer requirements.
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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Support
To learn more about the different support options for Windows XP, please visit:

If your Microsoft product is preinstalled, distributed with your computer, or if you obtain an upgrade directly from your computer manufacturer, your primary source for support is the personal computer manufacturer who provides your Microsoft software.

What is an OEM license
OEM stands for 'Original Equipment Manufacturer'. OEM licenses are supplied with software that an OEM partner pre-installs on a computer. We called this software an OEM version software.

To check if your software is an OEM version, please visit for instructions to obtain your Product Identification (PID). If the letters OEM are included in the product identification number, then your Microsoft software comes pre-installed hence it is an OEM version.
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Common OEM Hotlines in Hong Kong
Name of OEMWebsitePhone
Acer 2520 2000
ASUS 2345 0005
Dell 2969 3189
Fujitsu 3101 2898
HP (Pavilion - Desktop Technical and Maintenance Services for home-users) Compaq 2802 4098
IBM 2825 7799 (Home Users)
852 2825 7755 (Business Users)
NEC 2795 5333
Samsung 2862 6001
Sharp 2410 2688
Sony 2345-2966 (Customer Service)
852 2389 3202 (Technical Support)
Toshiba 2305 0384
BenQ 23306929
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Frequently Asked Questions
(1) Technical & User SupportQuestion:
What technical support services are provided by Microsoft free of charge?

  1. All retail edition (FPP) users may enjoy 90-day technical support for free.
  2. If your Microsoft product is pre-installed in a computer, or you obtain the product from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), please consult the manufacturer about technical support issues.
  3. Check the articles in Microsoft Knowledge Base website for further information. The site will be updated monthly.
  4. Check articles listed in the "Top 50 KB" website
  5. You may also go to online support communities, such as, and raise questions or share your experiences.
Which Microsoft paid support option should I subscribe to?

Microsoft provides three paid support options to serve the needs of different users:
  1. Personal Support option serves the needs of consumers, home users and home office users.
  2. Professional Support option serves the specific needs of IT Professionals, Developers and Partners in small- to medium-sized enterprises.
  3. Premier Support option provides custom-made support plans for large enterprise customers.
Details of charges and service scopes can be found at the website

What is the Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB)? How can I use it?

Microsoft provides three paid support options to serve the needs of different users:
The Microsoft Knowledge Base, or KB, is a huge collection of user enquiries and solutions as well as other technical support information complied by the Microsoft support team. Please visit, and input the key words of the content for your search in the "search target" box. A search option with more criteria is available by clicking through the "Advanced Search" link next to the search box.

How long is a support lifecycle of a Microsoft product?

  1. For Business products and Developer tools, 10 years of support (5 years Mainstream Support and 5 years Extended Support) at the supported service pack level.
  2. For Consumer/Hardware/Multimedia products and Microsoft Dynamics products, 5 years Mainstream Support at the supported service pack level.
  3. For products that are annually released (e.g., Money, Encarta, Picture It!, and Streets & Trips), 3 years of Mainstream Support.
Please visit the Microsoft product lifecycle website for further information about the lifecycles of all Microsoft products:

How can I ensure security of my computer?

Several measures are needed to protect computers against malicious attacks:
  1. Enable the Windows firewall
  2. Install the latest Windows security update
  3. Use the latest version of anti-virus software
  4. Use anti-spyware tools
Please visit for more information about computer security for home users.

Where can I obtain detailed information about computer security?

Please visit for further information about computer security for all sectors.

(2) Genuine Software & Licensing

What is a software license?

A Microsoft software license gives customers the right to use our software and determines how they can use it. These rights are detailed in either the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) found in Full Packaged Products (FPPs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), or in the Product Use Rights (PUR) for Volume Licensing customers.

What does the license do?

A Microsoft software license provides the legal rights to use or access the products and services that we provide. It gives customers the legal proof that they have the right to use the software.

What is the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) program?

The Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) program is an ongoing Microsoft campaign to encourage the use of genuine software, as well as offering incentives for users of genuine Windows XP operating systems. All users of genuine Windows XP are eligible to exclusive WGA goodies, such as tuning and personalization tools, tutorials, entertainment software and desktop themes.

How can I know if a copy of Microsoft product is genuine?

A genuine copy of Microsoft software comes with the following anti-piracy features:
  1. Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
  2. Original holographic installation CDs
  3. User manual
Please visit for details.

I have a CD for Volume License of a Microsoft product. Can I install the content to my new computer?

No. The Volume License is only available to Microsoft Windows® upgrade versions, which is different from the license of a complete version. A complete version of Microsoft Windows is only sold with a new computer or from an authorized dealer.
For details of authorized dealers of Microsoft products, please visit

Where can I obtain information about Microsoft's software licensing program?

Please visit for details.

(3) About Microsoft Products

What does "Office Student and Teacher Edition" mean? Is there anything special about it?

Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 productivity suite is offered to teachers and students at an affordable price. The software can be used either at school or at home. The user, or at least one member in the user's family, must be an eligible member of the education sector when purchasing Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003. The user and user's family may continue using the software after graduation.

Where can I obtain information about Microsoft Windows Vista™ and 2007 Microsoft Office system?

You may find information on these two products at

What is "product activation" functionality?

Microsoft Product Activation functionality is an anti-piracy technology designed to verify that the product has been legitimately licensed. It is designed to be simple and unobtrusive for customers who legitimately acquire the software license. Microsoft Product Activation is completely anonymous, and no personally identifiable information is collected.

How can a Microsoft product be activated?

Product Activation is included in several versions of Microsoft software, including Windows XP and Office 2003. Customers will have the choice of activating via the Internet or by telephone:
Internet activation:Connect your computer to the Internet, and follow the steps given by the activation guide.
Telephone activation: Launch the activation guide and choose "telephone activation". Call the activation hotline 2388 9600, and enter the installation ID shown on the computer screen. After verifying the installation ID, the activation center will return to you with a confirmation ID. Type the confirmation ID into the appropriate space in the activation guide, and click "Next" to finish the activation process.
For other information about product activation, please visit:

For information about product activation of particular products, please visit:

How can I obtain the latest information from Microsoft Hong Kong, such as product news, promotions, seminars, technical supports, and website updates?

Please sign up for the Microsoft Hong Kong Newsletter for the latest news from Microsoft Hong Kong, including products news, latest downloads, promotions, special offers, events and activities.

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