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Christian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Primary School

Office 365 as student's e-learning partner boost learning motivationNew

Under the rapid development of technology, in addition of the support of e-learning from the Hong Kong Education Bureau, e-teaching has undoubtedly become indispensable for modern day schooling. Microsoft has revolutionized education with launching My Learning Companion (MLC) by combining cloud storage and help teachers manage student data, keep track of teaching progress and issue information to students.

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Pak Kau College

E-learning stimulates interactivity while Flipped Classroom becomes new teaching modelNew

E-learning is not new to schools in Hong Kong for optimizing teaching result, however they require a full set of infrastructure including the latest hardware and software to achieve that. As a result Pak Kau College joined hands with Microsoft, utilizing Office 365, Office Mix and Sway to smooth the way for deploying Flipped Classroom.

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Salesian School

Student centric eLearning at Salesian School

Salesian School is leveraging My Learning Companion (MLC) provided by Microsoft, that teachers can easily adopt Office 365 and Office Mix to do the teaching materials, it raises the interactivity among teachers and students. And teachers can tailor made different programs for each student.

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The HKIEd Jockey Club Primary School

E-Learning Total Solutions Improve Learning Effectiveness

The HKIEd Jockey Club Primary School has adopted Surface device and Office 365 cloud platform enabling teachers to use e-Learning more easily. Teachers prepare the teaching materials onto OneNote notebook or upload to SharePoint for students to view. Right before going into the classroom, teachers can project their screen from Surface device wirelessly to classroom projector using Miracast technology to show the prepared content.

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HKCCCU Logos Academy Utilises Microsoft Virtualization Technology in Driving Mobile and Interactive Learning Model

From 2012, HKCCCU logos Academy started to reconstruct the school IT infrastructure through the use of Windows Server in setting up Virtual Desktop for teachers and students to log onto school portal for Remote Desktop and access of learning resources. Teachers are now able to log onto Virtual Desktop securely and remotely from home or school with internet.

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W F Joseph Lee Primary School

Easy to Teach & Easy to Learn for More Flexibility [Windows 8.1 & Office 365]

W F Joseph Lee Primary School has dedicated herself in using Windows as the only operating system in school. To help students further develop their skills through mobile learning, the School has purchased 32 units of Surface Pro 3 running on Windows 8.1 together with Office 365 cloud platform so that teachers and students can use Windows tablets anytime anywhere. In the future, the School will implement Microsoft System Centre to help manage all Windows tablets in school.

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Baptist Rainbow Primary School

"Not One Less" eBay Project [Windows 8.1, Office 365 & OneNote]

With the support from the 4th Strategy on IT in Education of Education Bureau, Baptist Rainbow Primary School is driving Not One Less eBag Project enabling every student equal opportunity to have their own personal e-Learning device to save their lesson work and learning portfolio. With Windows 8.1, students can use screen touch, mouse click or keyboard to control the device. Windows is compatible with most e-textbook, learning materials and full version of Microsoft Office. Students and teachers can use any learning materials comfortably.

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