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Microsoft Valued Teacher
Microsoft Valued Teacher Microsoft Valued Teacher Microsoft Valued Teacher

Microsoft believes that education is the key to increasing competitiveness at both individual and societal level. Since 2004, Microsoft has been collaborating with the Hong Kong Education Bureau on the Partners in Learning (PiL) Initiative. By harnessing the power of information technology and next-generation eLearning practices, educators and students are empowered to stay competitive for building a sustainable knowledge-based economy.

With the support from PiL initiatives, Microsoft has trained more than 100 educators via Microsoft Valued Teacher (MVT) Program. During the program, the participating educators have attended various school visits, shared their experiences on driving e-Learning and coached other educators in Hong Kong how e-Learning could be applied in education.

Recap of MVT Program

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MVT Attending Microsoft in Education Global Forum 2014

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e-Learning and e-Textbook has been a major trend in education in Hong Kong. Let's join the MVT program, get inspired, and inject innovative elements in your teaching and make your students you're your every single lesson!

Microsoft Expert Educator 2014 –
Most Valued Teachers in MVT Program 2013 - 2014

Microsoft in Education Expert Educator

Mr Andy Li Mr Andy Li - IT & Curriculum Development Panel Teacher, Salesian School, Microsoft Pathfinder School 2013
  • Awarded Most Valued Teacher in Microsoft Valued Teacher Program for 4 consecutive years (2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014)
  • Three-timed participant in Microsoft in Education Global Forum 2011, 2012 & 2014
  • Winning team member in Microsoft in Education Hong Kong Forum 2011, 2012 , 2013 & 2014

I am grateful to have been awarded the Most Valued Teacher in Microsoft Valued Teacher Program again. During MVT Program, I have met a group of enthusiastic educators who are driven to develop
e-Learning in Hong Kong through different activities including seminar and sharing sessions.

In addition, it was lucky enough for me to attend Microsoft in Education Global Forum for two consecutive years in Prague, Czech Republic and Barcelona, Spain. In this forum, I interacted with educators from different countries and even learnt from world-class education experts. MVT Program is an excellent platform for passionate teachers to share and develop their skills in e-Learning. I hope I will see all of you in the coming year. Let's work together and make a nice e-Learning environment for our students.

Ms Debbie Chan Ms Debbie Chan – Senior IT Panel Teacher, Xianggang Putonghua Yanxishe Primary School of Science & Creativity
  • Most Valued Teacher in Microsoft Valued Teacher Program 2013
  • Participant in Microsoft in Education Global Forum 2014
  • School demonstration team member in Microsoft in Education Hong Kong Forum 2013 & 2014

During the 6 years of e-Learning development in school, I was truly inspired by a group of MVTs when I needed them the most. Not only did I meet and discuss with other e-Learning experts in Hong Kong, but I also got invited to the Microsoft in Education Global Forum 2014 in Barcelona, Spain to share with educators from other countries and enhance my knowledge about 21st Century Learning.

We should not work alone. Through the MVT program, we can learn from each other so that we can develop the most effective learning solutions for our next generations. I look forward to continuously working with other passionate MVTs for better learning solutions.

Mr Gavin Choi Mr Gavin Choi – Information and Communication Technology Subject Teacher,
St. Stephen's College
  • Awarded Most Valued Teacher in Microsoft Valued Teacher Program 2013 and 2014
  • Two-timed participant in Microsoft in Education Global Forum 2013 & 2014
  • Winning team member in Microsoft in Education Hong Kong Forum 2013 & 2014

In 21st century, information technology has become part of our lives in the 21st century. e-Learning has taken a very important role in education. Not only can it overachieve what the traditional learning mode could not, but it also increases student's interest in learning. Possessing only curriculum knowledge is no longer enough for teachers. Teachers need to apply information technology in teaching so that the potentials in students can be further developed to the fullest.

Microsoft Valued Teacher Program has provided a great platform for passionate educators to share, learn and inspire each other through innovative technology and teaching solutions. I am proud to be part of this energetic team which is ready to nurture the next generation for our society.

Be our Microsoft Valued Teacher 2014 - 2015

Teachers need to participate in a variety of activities in the coming year to share, inspire and innovate IT education methods. Successful candidates selected to be in the MVT Program can:

  • Join the advance workshop of Microsoft Information Technology from November 2014 to July 2015
  • Visit different schools to understand the success of their IT infrastructure, teaching plans and implementation
  • Regular Microsoft Valued Teacher gatherings
  • Free technical support services to school
  • Be given priority to freely participate in any major Microsoft IT Forums, International Symposium on IT in Education and Teacher Training in Computer Technology events
  • Be given priority to use new Microsoft software trial versions
  • Be given priority to purchase latest Microsoft products
  • Winning MVTs will have a chance to display and share their individual achievements with other educators from various countries at Microsoft in Education Global Forum 2015

NEW!This year, we have extended the MVT Program to the school of the participating teacher. Your school will be entitled for:

  • Free participation in external student activities ONE time OR free e-Learning and solutions staff development training session (can be arranged at your school staff development day)
  • MVT schools will have opportunities to be invited by Microsoft for media interviews. The interviews will be covered in mass media as well as Microsoft collaterals such as solution brochures and case study pamphlet.


  • All registered full-time teachers from primary and secondary schools, or
  • Teachers, Officers or Coordinators that teach computing and IT, or
  • Teachers who are eager to promote local IT, who are creative and passionate about education.

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