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Your education development roadmap for informatiion technology
Partners in Learning enables students, teachers and schools to realize their potential through innovation and technology
Microsoft® Hong Kong started cooperating with the Education Bureau since 2004, aiming at harnessing the power of IT in enhancing students' learning and the effectiveness of teaching, promoting
e-leadership among school leaders and discovering the unlimited potential of IT in education.
Partners in Learning

Partners in Learning is a sustainable venture between the Government and Microsoft that aims at bringing the benefits of IT to 1,200 schools in Hong Kong.

The initiative enables local educators and students to unlock their potential. Programs included delivering information and communication technologies training, developing tailored curricula, and allocating research resources to students and teachers so as to support them in using IT in learning and teaching. Up to now, PiL has already reached out to over 11,000 education leaders and teachers, and engaged over 80,000 students in Hong Kong.
In September 2008, Microsoft signed a second Memorandum of Understanding with the Hong Kong Education Bureau, making another five-year commitment on PiL. Microsoft will organize a wide range of activities, empowering students and teachers to use IT in learning and teaching, and as a result, bringing positive impact on education through innovation and technology.
Be innovative schools, teachers and students
Our Innovative Schools Program aims to establish a solid foundation for sustainable development of teaching and learning. The program will share the valuable experience of PiL with schools in Hong Kong.
The Innovative Teachers Program, on the other hand, connects and empowers educators worldwide. The network enables teachers to learn from one another and to develop new approaches of education including technology use in classroom.
Last but not the least, our Innovative Students Program leads schools to create innovative environments so as to inspire students to become IT navigators of the next generation and to strengthen students' IT skills, enhance their self-confidence, enrich group learning and communication abilities.
Partners in learning advisory board
Mrs. Alice Cheung
Principal Assistant Secretary (Education Infrastructure)
Education Bureau, Government of the Hong Kong SAR
Dr. Kong Siu Cheung
Head of Department
Department of Mathematics and Information Technology, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Professor Nancy LAW
Head of Division, Information and Technology Studies &
Director, Centre for Information Technology in Education, Faculty of Education
University of Hong Kong
Mr. MA Siu Leung
CEO, Fung Kai Public School &
Supervisor, Fung Kai Innovative School
Mr. NG Hok Ling
Advisor and Immediate Past Chairman
The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education
Mr. SIN Chung-kai
Policy Commentator
Dr. Samson TAM
Legislative Councilor (Information Technology)
Dr. YIP Chee Tim
Pui Ching Middle School
Click here to read the press release on announcing a renewed commitment to education between Microsoft and the Education Bureau.

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