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Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set 
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Chinese processing in Hong Kong is getting more extensive and due to the specific need of the unique Hong Kong characters, the Hong Kong S.A.R. Government has defined the Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set, or "HKSCS". The HKSCS is a supplementary character set that includes Chinese characters used in Hong Kong but are not contained in the Big-5 standard character set. There are two code allocation schemes for the HKSCS, one for Big-5 and the other for ISO 10646/Unicode. And the HKSCS is formerly named as "Government Chinese Characters Set" i.e. GCCS. In May 2005, HKSCS-2004 was released to the public by the Government of Hong Kong S.A.R. This document refers previous version of HKSCS as HKSCS-2001.

Microsoft is dedicated to making technology more accessible to users around the world and is committed to provide Unicode-based solutions that support Hong Kong-specific Chinese language requirements. The Windows XP platform continues to enhance Chinese-language computing by providing support for the HKSCS-2001 through an add-on software package provided here. The Windows Vista platform has built-in support for HKSCS-2004 with ISO 10646/Unicode code allocation scheme.

This paper gives an in-depth technical detail of HKSCS Support for Windows XP Platform, customers are recommended to read this paper if they wish to deploy the HKSCS-2001 add-on software package.

Note: This HKSCS-2001 add-on software package is not compatible with Windows Vista™. Windows Vista has built-in support for HKSCS-2004. All of the HKSCS-2004 characters have Unicode 4.1, non-PUA code point assignments. For developers who want to migrate HKSCS-2001 data to HKSCS-2004 data in their applications, please refer to Microsoft Character Code Conversion Routines For HKSCS-2004.
the technical white paper here
the code point definition for HKSCS-2001

HKSCS - 2001 support for Windows 2000 and Windows XP

Please note that:
  • This package can be installed on any language edition of Windows 2000 and Windows XP only.
  • This package is intended to be used only by Hong Kong users to input and output HKSCS - 2001. Installing this package may affect private use characters on the target machine. The package is compatible to the previous version of HKSCS. Non HKSCS users are strongly discouraged to install the package.
  • This package contains important system settings necessary to support HKSCS. Other HKSCS packages might conflict with these settings. Please consult with the vendors first regarding the compatibility with this package.
  • You must have the CHT language pack installed, be running either Win2000 or XP (or .NET) and have 950 set as your system code page. Uninstall restores the 950 code page behavior but doesn't delete all the files.
  • After the installation, the character list in the IME Windows will change.

HKSCS support for Traditional Chinese Version of Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Microsoft Windows 2000
HKSCS support for Traditional Chinese Version of Microsoft Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition

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