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Alan Chan

Alan Chan

National Technology Officer
Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

As National Technology Officer at Microsoft Hong Kong, Alan Chan supports policy decision and delivers technologically relevant and scalable solutions into Hong Kong market. His main objectives are to align IT value propositions to public policies in such areas as healthcare, education, the environment, and local social and economic development; and to promote a digital agenda in top policy areas, including innovation, security and privacy, technology neutrality, accessibility, and interoperability.

Prior to taking on this position, Alan served as OEM Director, where he was responsible for developing the overall strategy and the execution of OEM business. He also oversees Microsoft's relationship with PC and device manufacturers and drives Microsoft software adoption by OEMs. In this role, he successfully led the team to prioritize and capture a lot of opportunities through deeper Multi-National Account engagement.

Previously, Alan served as partner group manager in Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partners (SMS&P), where he was responsible for driving business growth through managed partners, including ISV and solution partners in Hong Kong. In this role, he successfully managed a team of partner account managers to drive SMS&P revenue growth and to kick-start the SMS&P annuity engine.

Alan joined Microsoft in 2004 as partner development group manager and business development manager. In the former role he was responsible for expanding partner coverage; in the latter role he led cross border initiative development. He also launched a first generation of integrated campaigns, which is now the core engine to build extended partner business. His contribution to Microsoft is recognized in the many internal awards he has won.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Alan served as regional director in Asia for Redknee Inc. In this role he helped the global supplier of mobile application infrastructure win major accounts, including Smartone in Hong Kong. Alan also worked in Network Associates, Cisco and Jardine One Solutions.

Alan graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Engineering degree.